Monday, August 11, 2008

Dream Shopping

Don't you ever have a list of things you want to buy that it's totally ridiculous? Well, this weekend we went to pick those items out... just for fun. First, we stopped by the Dodge dealership and picked out our new Dodge Journey (my next car of choice.) It will be black and have the DVD player for the kiddies, and has awesome features like a built-in cooler in the floor, a third-row option of seating in the back, 25 MPG on the highway, and even a place to dock your iPod right in. Say goodbye to those dumb adapters of yesterday!

Probable cost : $30,000

Next, off to the new Harley Davidson dealership in Lindon. We all found a motorcycle to our liking:

Okay, I really don't want a motorcycle, they freak me out too much! I would trust me on one, and I would trust Doug on one (that statement might be pushing it), it's everyone else that I don't trust. Even if the accident's not your fault, you still lose. Anyway, even though I don't care for one, I think my boys would probably keep theirs if they could.

Probable cost: $18,000

Last, off to RC Willey for that new leather ottoman/table in the TV room. It's safer for Jack to play on, and much more comfy to put your feet on!

And while we're at it, let's tack on a leather couch for the front room, because, well let's face it. That's the first room you see when you walk in our house, and the only real piece of furniture we have in there is a bookshelf. Lame!

Cost for both items: $820

At this point, we were spent, in more ways than one!

On another note, here are some pictures of what our little ball of energy has been up to! His favorite thing to do now is holding your hands while he walks, or climbing up to either his knees or his feet, using anything taller than him. Here he is standing up using the glass on the back door, playing with daddy.

Also, he loves crawling over to the pile of laundry and just laying his head down in it. He was giving me some good faces in that second picture. What a poser!


The Bluths said...

Hey the Journey is our next car of choice too! It is so compact for a 7 seater!

Jason, Janaca, and Jordan said...

Those are sweet wants! You have good taste too because I could just add them to my list as well. Except the motorcyle, because they scare me too! Jake is so cute playing in the laundry. Jordan loves to do that same thing! :)

The Bluths said...

I totally copied you on my blog, sorta.

Kakes said...

Oh my. That car is sure slick! How would it be to just buy stuff whenever you wanted to. Sigh.

Kakes said...
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Eliza Brock said...

Sounds like a good wish list to me, where do I sign up? gotta love that cutie pie nephew of mine!

Ryan and Cecily said...

That sounds like a fun day Toni! Cute pics of Jack too!