Monday, August 04, 2008

Family, Family, and More Family

Doug's mom's family had a reunion up at Echo Resorvoir this weekend. Since Jack doesn't sleep well away from home still, we just decided to drive up Friday and hang out with everyone then, instead of camping out overnight. We wouldn't have gotten much sleep either with Jack not sleeping well. They were finishing up tie-dyed shirts when we got there, and most everyone spent the day at some point on his cousin's boat. Doug and I weren't too interested in going on the boat, so we had fun socializing with everyone in the shade, trying to stay cool.

Grandma Nelson liked taking Jack in the water

Jack's uncle Kade was nice enough to let Jack have a taste of his sunglasses. Jack was grateful!

Jack's first encounter with a big dog, and he was giving him snuggles!

I like to walk now!

Do we look groovy, or what?

Here's Jack watching Doug mow the lawn on Thursday evening. He kept moving his head and stretching his neck so he could see his dad all the time. It was pretty cute, and nice for me so I could work on dinner!

My parents came and stayed with us for the weekend, and it was so nice! They got here Thursday evening, and left Sunday morning. Their good friend's son got married in Bountiful on Friday, so they went up there for the day during Doug's reunion. On Saturday, they took us to lunch at Red Lobster, and it was so yummy! Then we went to this place by Murray called Orson Gygi, where they had all this cool kitchen stuff. It was a little pricey, but it was fun! That's where my mom buys her chocolate for when she makes chocolates every Christmas. I might try and make some this Christmas, we'll see! My dad also helped Doug kill a wasp's nest right above our back porch door. *shudder* Those things are all over, so it was nice to find a source and kill it! My mom made Doug some of her homemade chocolate chip cookies that he loves, and helped me fix some clothes and work on the chair that I'm forever trying to reupholster. Thanks again for coming mom and dad, I miss you guys already!


Mike & Nicole said...

Hey! Sweet, that would be fun! Just let me know when you are done with Eclipse and we can get together. Mike said he got it for $15. Does that sound ok?

Eliza Brock said...

Ever notice how Kade looks like Doug's twin, minus the red hair of course!
Also Dad....Dad-e-o, you look "special" in this picture with your cutie grandson the jackster!
Love and miss you ya little sista!

Ryan and Cecily said...

The picture of Jack with the big dog is adorable!! I just love it! It seems most kids are afraid of big that true? Jack is just a cutie!! You're so lucky to have him! :)

Terry and Melissa Rees said...

How cute is that pic of Jack and the dog?! Precious!! Sounds like you had fun with your family!

Mike & Nicole said...


A lady I work with wants the book for her girls. Do you mind if I let her have it and then when you are ready you can just borrow mine?:) That way we can still see each other.