Monday, August 25, 2008

Isn't It Ironic?

So, I heard on the news this morning that Colorado had like 14 tornadoes over the weekend, which is normally uncommon for them!

I called my mom to see if they were okay, since last time I didn't even hear that they had one, she was calling me and giving me crap, saying, "Well I just thought I'd let you know that we were okay, in case you cared." (my family is VERY sarcastic, I love it!) After I got off the phone with her, Doug and I had this conversation:

Doug: "See, that's why we can't live in Colorado. It's so dangerous!"

Toni: "Oh, like Utah is so safe? We've had so many wildfires this year!"

Doug: "We haven't had too many, like when?"

Toni: "We could see one from our house the last time my parents came to visit!"

Doug: "Yeah, well, you know where wildfires happen?" (trying to imply that we were safe from them, I'm assuming)

Toni: "Um, yeah. In THE MOUNTAINS, like where we live!"

Doug: "We'll be okay."

Later that same day...

I got this picture from our local newscast website. This picture was taken up in Suncrest, the area I live in. But we live behind where this person is taking the picture... luckily.

Here's a view of it from our house. So far... zero percent contained!

Quote from the movie Tremors: "I don't care what it's doing, as long as it's doing it WAY over there!"


Ryan and Cecily said...

I'm so glad that you are okay (and your house)! The conversation between you and Doug is so funny! I enjoyed it a lot. :)

Kakes said...

We could see the fire from work and I just sat there in total shock watching the flames lick up the mountain. I am glad you are okay too!

Jason, Janaca, and Jordan said...

How scary! We could see all the smoke and we were down in Spanish Fork at the time. We were wondering where it was. I'm glad it wasn't going towards your house! Jason texted me a picture out the window from work and I was scared for him too. I'm glad everyones safe!

The Bluths said...

My siblings and I made a 5 year plan to all move to Colorado since it seems to be the perfect place to live. And now I totally want to move there now that I know it has Tornadoes! I love tornadoes.