Monday, August 18, 2008

Play Time

Hmmm... last week was kind of a blur. On Wednesday, my friend Cecily and I took Jack to the pool, and it was so much fun! Jack loves the water, but he gets tired so fast that he only lasts an hour or so by the time we get there.

He still can't figure out how to lay back down when he stands up in his crib, so that's a little frustrating. Especially since he's woken up about 5 or 5:30 every morning last week. We're naughty and have just brought him back to bed with us a couple times, but that doesn't always work. So, I think this week, we'll just have to make him figure out how to sit back down and go to sleep.
Friday night, we had our great friends and neighbors, Clayton and Amber, over for dinner with their boys. Doug made his awesome ribs, and they were the best I'd ever tasted. Nice work, Doug! After dinner, we played a little Rock Band. They were both such good sports with it. Good times!

And yesterday, I finished like that last 6 chapters of Eclipse, the third book in the Twilight series. I'm eager to start on the fourth now! I must say though, that I never thought I'd sway from being pro Edward. After this book, and the chapter about camping, I'm a little more pro Jacob. I don't know how I feel about being a bloodsucker and living forever, even though I am fond of Edward. I think Jacob's a smarter choice. And if you've already read the last book. please don't give anything away!


The Bluths said...

Oooo I'm curious to see what you think of the 4th book. Ethan and I are reading it together now. (After I already read it of course). It's fun to hear his guesses of what's going to happen when I already know :)

Ryan and Cecily said...

Rock Band is so addictive and fun! Thanks for having me along at the swimming pool!

Mike & Nicole said...

Mike's sister feels the same way! She likes Jacob more than Edward because he is "more fun." I can't even remember what happens in Eclipse... I need to go back and read it, it has been so long. I think you will love BD! I just finished it and I want to read them all again.

Dustin and Taryn said...

I will be interested to hear what you think about Breaking Dawn. There have been such different opinions so far. It was personally my favorite out of the 4!

Eliza Brock said...

I am so jealous of you everytime I see pictures of that pool. UGh! Glad to hear you are liking the books! Told you! You will like #4

Christine said...

That little Jack is just so sweet. It looks like you had lots of fun at the pool.
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