Monday, September 15, 2008

Randomness, Anyone?

Monday is here again, which means Doug is gone for 11 hours before I see him again. I hate Monday's and Wednesday's for that reason. Anyway, here are some random pictures from last week.

We found this snail that had crawled up our two front steps, and right in front of our front door. I didn't even know we had snails around here. It left this dotted path behind it. Weird!

If you look closely, you'll see that Jack has a new fetish... biting himself. What's that all about? He doesn't cry or whimper or anything when he does it, and then I find these later. These bite marks were still visible hours after he had bit himself all over his arm.

The next two were taken at IKEA on Friday. We found a little corner in the closet section for kids. Although, this activity was still a little advanced for him.

Jack took a nice break from the cart to go wander about the closet section halfway through the store. See ya, Jack!

We found this area rug there for only $17.99, but haven't found an exact placement for it yet. We also got that cabinet in the background to put our xbox, DVD player, and DVR on, to reduce clutter piling up by our TV. Who doesn't love organization? It only took us... 4 hours to build. Yeah, there were a few setbacks.

Ah, much better than before!

We also got this at IKEA while we were there, so I had a lot of fun on Saturday finding pictures to put in it. My upstairs picture wall finally has something to hang on it. Woo hoo!

And last, but certainly not least, here's a little clip of Jack's latest workout, pre-walking. He does this quite often, which makes it even more funny. He sure is proud of himself!

Kinda reminds me of this scene from Poltergeist when I enter the room again...

Pyramid of Chairs
by FreddyRis



Kakes said...

Ha, ha! If Jack ever gets so good at the "chairs" that he can push them onto the table, you will definitely have to make a video of that!! :) I like the snail picture. It's cool.

Clayton & Amber said...

Funny randomness! And that snail would freak me out. It was good to see you today. Jack's curly hair is getting so cute. Ty talked about Toni and Jack until he fell asleep.

Jason, Janaca, and Jordan said...

That's a funny biting stage that Jack is in! Kids do the strangest things sometimes. I liked the little video of him walking with the chairs. He's getting close!

Melinda said...

LOL, Jack looks like he's having a great old time! He's so dang cute and so big! I love the snail, he's was just about to knock on your door.

Terry and Melissa Rees said...

Poltergeist - That's classic! I hope Jack never starts doing that!

Cee Cee said...

I love randomness! The snail pic is actuually really cool. I heard on the news that Ikea is opening a store in Denver soon...can't wait! I could spend hours wandering that place. Gotta love the deals! Glad to see you are all doing well.

Ryan and Cecily said...

1-I love your snail picture.

2-Poor Jack and biting his arms!! That's no good!

3-The only time I've ever seen Poltergeist is when we were roomies! haha. That's so cute that Jack can walk with the chair. He's so handsome Toni!! What a cutie.

Ryan and Cecily said...

4- I still miss our Wednesdays

The Bluths said...

Ooh creepy, I forgot about that movie scene. Hope Jack doesn't learn that!