Monday, September 08, 2008

September Colorado Trip

Doug and I decided a few days before my parents came to visit last weekend that Jack and I would drive back to their house with them on Labor Day. Jack and I spent the week seeing his grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles that doesn't get to see very often. It was so funny and cute the way he clung to my dad while he was there. He'd see him come into the room, and crawl right for him.
Doug joined up with us on Thursday night. On Friday, Jack's twin cousins, Alex and Cody, enjoyed pushing him around in his new umbrella stroller in the mall so much that they fought about it the whole time. It was so funny that they had so much fun doing that! We also got Jack a forward facing car seat, which I think he enjoys riding in better. The con is that he can't sleep very comfortably in it because his head just falls to one side. We went on a double date with Eliza and Jon on Friday night, where we ate at Texas Roadhouse, and went and saw Traitor afterwards. Jack stayed home with his grandma and grandpa, where he threw up twice and went through three different pajamas. We're not sure why he was sick. Poor guy! I felt bad for my parents. We were able to attend Olivia's 6th birthday party on Saturday night, where we got to see all of my Colorado family, before we came home on Sunday. What a loving husband I have to help Jack and I spend more time with my family where possible. We both had so much fun!

I uploaded all these pics (and a few others) to My Pictures on the side, so if any of you fam wants a copy of any of them, check that out. Thanks for a fun week!


Jason, Janaca, and Jordan said...

That's fun you could go stay with your parents and visit with everyone! Glad you're back. Sorry I didn't come over today. We'll have to set up something soon!

Ryan and Cecily said...

I can't believe Jack threw up twice and went through 3 PJ's before you got home! Jack is so funny. I'm glad you had such a nice time in Colorado though! I miss our Wednesdays too. Happy Wednesday Toni.

Clayton & Amber said...

We missed you! Glad you and Jack-attack are back. Tyler cried after we left your house last night. He then acted out what Buddy does by crawling around the floor and jumping everywhere; it was hilarious. PS. The little stinkers always like to give babysitters a run for their money!

Mike & Nicole said...

Looks like a fun trip! I am glad you got to go see your family!