Saturday, September 20, 2008

Weekend Update

Doug and I were finally able to pay off the rest of our 2002 Montero this week. And wow, what a relief it is! That's one less car payment for us now. This was the first car we bought together after we got married, because Doug's 1988 GMC Jimmy was, let's face it: a joke. It was so old that when it rained, it would leak through between the roof and windshield, leaving a soggy mess for you to sit in. It was so old that I can't even find a picture of one when I google it. I'm only going off on it because Doug is still so proud of that car. Anyway, this Montero has served us well. Thanks, Monty!

We were out running some errands yesterday, and Jack was so ready to go home and take a nap. We had to stop by this place to fill up our propane tank, and we were there for probably twenty or thirty minutes. Ridiculous! The video below is of Jack crying, but I'm trying to entertain him and make him laugh while we wait for their slow butts.

We went out today to get my ring cleaned (I love how much it sparkles after we get it cleaned and rhodium plated!) and we stopped by Toys 'R' Us to get some birthday presents for the Jackster. His birthday isn't until November, but we were out that way, anyway, so figured we might as well pick up what we had planned on getting him. I'm sure you'll see pictures of it in his birthday post.

We came home and hung up the photo collage I've been working on all week. It looks and feels so nice to not have a bare hallway upstairs anymore. The rest of our walls still need some love, but we have to get around to it when we can.


Ryan and Cecily said...

I bet it is SO nice to not worry about that car payment anymore!! Nice!! I love the picture collage you've put together also. It looks great!

lisa said...

That Jimmy was AWESOME...I am with Doug! Love your blog.... Aunt Lisa

Toni said...

Yeah, I'm with Lisa! I loved that Jimmy and still get a tear in my eye when i see one.


Eliza Brock said...

jimmy shimmy....good ridance. Ha! J/K Very cute pictures. Love the way you set them all up on the wall.