Friday, October 03, 2008

Lunch Dates are the Best

This week, I had the opportunity to have lunch with my old co-workers on Thursday, and then my friend Christy on Friday. It's so nice for both Jack and me to get out and socialize. Lunch at 1-800 CONTACTS made me miss all my old co-workers so much! They're an awesome group of people, and I hope to weasel my way back into the company at some point. I miss all of them! Jack was going to everyone with no fear, which made me happy that he still has no stranger anxiety.

I met Christy at her house yesterday because she was getting a couch delivered at the time. Then we drove to Sweet Tomatoes and had lunch. It really hit the spot! Jack was kinda funny with her baby, Kate. He was really curioius about her, and I think he thought Christy was feeding Kate his bottle, because they have the same bottle. He started fussing when he saw her with it, and was reaching for it a little. Uh oh... does this mean he's reaching that selfish phase?

And then here's a random picture I took this week of Jack discovering the washer. He was fascinated about how the inside of the washer would spin.


Eliza Brock said...

that washer picture is cute, he looks like a little kid instead of a baby :-(

Melinda said...

We miss you too, Toni! I love these pictures of Jack, I can't believe how big he's getting!

Ryan and Cecily said...

That sounds like fun Toni. I'm glad you were able to get out and have fun with your old co-workers.