Monday, December 29, 2008

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Wow, I guess we've been pretty busy lately! I had a doctor appointment a week or two ago where we did the triple screen test (the one where they check for neurological defects and such.) That came back normal, so that was a relief. We got the news that Doug's biological dad passed away about a week ago, and we've been dealing with the loss of that. Doug took a couple days off of work, and a couple days later, it was Christmas! We spent Christmas with Doug's family this year, where we drove down to Payson to his grandpa's house Christmas Eve, then spent the night at his parent's house in Spanish Fork. Doug's grandpa has Santa come ever year for everyone to sit on his lap and say what they want. As you can see in the slideshow, Jack was more than happy to see Santa from a distance, but didn't want anything to do with him up close. We enjoyed a tasty meal, and I brought a homemade banana cream pie to add to the dessert pile. We then came back to Doug's parent's house and put Jack to bed, as he was exhausted. We watched a little TV, and then I hit the hay before 10:30. I know, lame pregnant woman.

We all had breakfast Christmas morning, then went down and opened presents. Jack seems to be happy with his loot, although, he didn't enjoy opening up his share. He was done with all that jazz about 15 minutes into it. Maybe he'll be more excited next year, right? We hung out with Doug's family the rest of the day, and spent the night again, where we woke up to a huge storm the day after Christmas! We made it home okay, but had snow drifts in our driveway that were 2 feet tall in some places! Luckily, we lived on that side of the street, because the wind blew some 3 and 4 feet snow drifts into the driveways across the street. Doug just plowed through them and into the garage. I'll admit, I was puckering.

The rest of the weekend was nice and relaxing, just hanging out together, and going to church on Sunday. That was such a nice way to end the week!

Plus, Jack started up with this on Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas to us!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hooray For Snow!

Jack was finally able to break in his snow stuff that he got for his birthday this past weekend! We got some snow, so we dressed him all up in his snow pants, boots, coat, mittens, and hat, and he could barely move in all the stuff! He looked like a little penguin. Doug took him to the park by our house where they have a very steep hill, so they could go sledding. I wasn't able to go because I attempted my mom's cinnamon rolls for the first time, and they took all day! I ruined the yeast at the very beginning, but they still turned out okay. Those are our gifts for neighbors (but not too many because they don't go very far once you put five or six on a plate!)

Doug said he could only take him down like three times before he was exhausted, and I don't blame him! But he said Jack had so much fun that he laughed. You can't see the park or hill from our house, so I only got pictures of them when they came back.

They came inside and I fixed them some hot chocolate. Jack totally drank his like it was a bottle, not stopping until it was gone. Yikes! That boy is a chocolate fiend already. We've gotten a lot more snow just over the past few days, and we're due to get more today, tomorrow, and Friday. It sounds like the whole country is in this arctic blast!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Can't I Just Have a Normal Pregnancy?* Updated

So, I don't think I take the opportunity too often to complain on my blog... please correct me if I'm wrong. Today, I'm going to do just that. So if you don't feel like hearing me complain about my health problems, stop reading now.

I'm sure everyone remembers hearing about that lovely rash bestowed upon my stomach about a month ago. I woke up last Sunday morning, and the exact same rash was starting to appear. I called my OB on Monday, who told me to take Benadryl and Hydrocortisone cream for it. Um, yeah right! I'm not going to be loaded up on Benadryl all day while I'm watching a 13-month old. That's just not going to happen. Plus neither one of those things helped a darn the last time around. Of course, I kept this response to myself and just replied, "Okay." They also told me to call the dermatologist. So I called her, and she wanted me to come in so she could biopsy it. Eek! That sounds painful! I said, "Or..." And she said, "Or you can keep using that steroid cream and see if it goes away. But if it changes or gets worse, I'll need you to come in for a biopsy."

Sure enough, it got worse on Tuesday, where it started appearing on my arms between my elbows and shoulders. I called her and we scheduled the biopsy for today. When I asked what they do, her assistant replied, "Oh, we just numb you up and take some skin, a smaller amount than a pencil eraser, and then we give you a stitch or two. It's really not a big deal."

Let me stop you right there...

NOT A BIG DEAL?! We're talking about something that requires stitches! As someone who's never had stitches, I was a little devastated, but remained nonchalant the rest of the conversation. And then, of course, when Doug called a half hour later, I'm hysterical, telling him how scared I am for this "operation"! Yes, I know, it's probably not a big deal, but you can't expect a pregnant person to control her emotions, now can you? It's a good thing he's patient with me in those situations.

So here I am, still a little scared and nervous for the procedure today. The itching has come back in full force as of last night, which would probably explain why I'm so tired today. The biopsy is probably worth it so they can figure out what's going on... assuming they CAN figure out what's going on. We'll see what happens.

*Updated at 4:00 PM Wednesday: It turns out they didn't have to do the biopsy after all. YAY! My dermatologist thinks it just looks like an irritant on my skin, so I'm sticking with the cream, and trying a different laundry detergent. She also gave me a lotion to help with the itching. I hope something works!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Decorating For Christmas

I didn't have anywhere to put my nativity scene this year where it wouldn't be a danger to Jack, so I had to put it on the mantle. Thus, I wasn't able to use the creche because it was too big.

Here's one of the many pics taken for our Christmas cards...
Jack loves the tree!

And as you can see, this one isn't Christmas related. We went to Red Robin this past weekend where Jack experienced a chocolate shake with whipped cream. He was MAD when we cut him off.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

A Celebrity at Fashion Place Mall

So Doug and I went to the Fashion Place mall today, and he spotted Marcus from Last Comic Standing 2008. Did any of you watch that? Marcus was (obviously) from Utah, and we thought his impressions were awesome on the show! He didn't win, but he was fun to watch. Doug stopped to shake his hand and let him know that we watched and voted for him. Here's a clip from him on the show.

Thursday, December 04, 2008


Doug and I spent Thanksgiving at my sister's house in California this year. We only got to see my parents Thursday and Friday, and then they left on Saturday, along with Doug. Jack and I stayed until Wednesday (yesterday) and had a great time! Actually, I was sick from Saturday until I left, so that was no fun for anyone! I felt so bad, like I was just a 4th kid for my sister to take care of, and Jack was a 5th. I was so grateful to have her help while I was sick, though. Thanks for everything, Amy! Here's a link to all the pictures from our trip, or below are some of my favorites.

Cole playing xbox

Brooke discovering an iPod

Jack and Cole in a Jeep

Marnie and Jack in their diapers before baths

Jack giving Marnie the Jack attack

Marnie, Brooke, and Jack

Jack's first time at Chuck E. Cheese. He loved Bob the Builder!