Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas in Colorado

We ended up leaving a couple days early to Colorado to beat the storm. My newest niece, Brea, was born on Wednesday, December 23rd. Mom and baby are doing fine. Here she is meeting her sister Caylee and brother Aiden for the first time with grandma:
Here I am getting my turn with her. What a tiny baby! You always forget how small they come.
Poor Heather soon after her c-section. I was so glad to be there for that special time!

Doug and Jack got invited to go on Jon and Eliza's 4-wheelers on day with the sleds. Jack enjoyed the 4-wheeler ride better than the sled ride behind it because he was getting sprayed in the face with snow. Here he is with his wonderful cousins.

Here's Jack opening his Christmas Eve present: a pair of Toy Story jammies!

Look! Brother has some to match! Jack wouldn't get closer than this to Lincoln.

Here's Jack and Lincoln with their cousins, Isis and Aven. This was the first time I was able to meet baby Aven, too, since she came out of the NICU. She's actually like 2 months older than Lincoln, but she was only born at like 24 weeks along. She's such a sweetheart!! I'm so glad she's still here and so healthy. What a blessing!

Daddy and Jack on Christmas morning

Daddy and Lincoln on Christmas morning

Jack loves his guns! Thanks, Grammy and Papa!

Lincoln enjoyed reading his new penguin book from his brother

Jack and Grammy opening a present together

Nieces and nephews Alex, Caylee, Aiden, Olivia, and Cody. Jack loved playing with Cody!

The fam, minus Lincoln, on Christmas day

Lincoln being happy with Papa
Heather stopped by on Christmas day on her way home from the hospital, so we got to see Brea again. Here's my beautiful sister, Eliza, holding her.

Alex playing peek-a-boo with Lincoln

I got the stomach flu the day we left, along with my dad, brother, sister, and niece. I was SO upset about it because we were supposed to have a girl's lunch and go shopping that day. What a bummer! At least I made it home with no accidents. That would have been HORRIBLE. Here's a picture of Jack asking Doug to take his picture, while I lay on my death bed in the background. Ugh!

Home again, home again, jiggity jig! Thanks for a great Christmas, Mondy's!

Rolls, Recent Projects, and Racetracks

Again, I fail to post regularly. Well here are some recent updates...

Lincoln has formed a nice set of rolls on numerous places on his person. Below are a couple examples of those.

He has also started rolling around all over the place, and has managed to cut 4 teeth already, without even being fussy! What a champ!

Here's just a shot I captured of Doug and Jack intently watching TV.

I also spent the last couple weeks worth of free time before heading to Colorado working on Lincoln's stocking and my new niece's baby blanket. Here's how the blanket turned out...
and here's how Lincoln's stocking turned out... (it's a tradition in my family to make our kids' Christmas stockings)
I'm SO mad we forgot our camera for our Nelson Christmas this year! Kevin and Gwen were so generous to our family, and got us all sorts of goodies. Here was Jack's favorite toy from them... his very first car racetrack!

And here's Lincoln playing with his new toy train.
He was much more excited than he leads you to believe in this picture.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Recent Happenings

Well this is the last picture we have of the van, courtesy of Jack. Doug parted ways with his van at the beginning of this month. He was sad to see it go. I felt bad for him for this, but honestly, was also excited because that means no more scraping my car before work at 6 AM.
So long, van!

Jack continues to enjoy us taking his picture, as you can see from the next few pictures.
Doug's going to kill me for putting this one on the blog. Jack came into our closet and asked for one of my necklaces. I thought this to be harmless. The next thing I know, he's walking out of our closet and bathroom looking like this:
Oh, dear!

Here are a few of Lincoln after getting out of the bath. Look at all that chub!

He's growing up so fast, I can hardly believe it!

Jack saw me taking pictures, and stole the camera to take one of Doug:
That is one sexy man!

The other day, Doug put one of his belts over Jack's jammies, then put Jack's beloved guns in it. Jack had to put his crocs on, too, and was then ready to pose.
Here we are making our gingerbread house that we bought for last Christmas. Doug did most of the work. Jack enjoyed eating the candies more than helping with the house.

We got 10" of snow in a 24-hour period last weekend. Jack was excited to go sledding in it. You can see in this picture how much we actually got if you look at the bottom of the picture.

And here is my most favorite video, because it's got Lincoln's sweet laugh in it. He was SO tired!

Jumping Bean

Lincoln is quite the jumping man lately! He likes being in his little activity gym, but he LOVES his jumper! Here he is in his activity gym:

And here he is in his jumper. He's so funny in here!

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

It's A Long Story

It has been SO long since I've posted... I'm so bad! If you'd like to hear my detailed excuse as to what has taken so long, keep reading. If not, skip to the pictures.

I would like to formally blame Windows 7... no, Best Buy... no, my job... okay, they have all played a part. So it all started when we bought an external hard drive from Best Buy for like $150 back in July. I needed more room on our desktop, so I was going to save all our pictures onto it. So I get it installed and save all our 2008 pictures to it. Before I erase them from the computer, I hook up the external hard drive to the laptop to make sure they're there. Sure enough, they're all there. So, I go ahead with deleting them from the computer.
Weeks later, I hook up the external hard drive. Much to my surprise, it won't boot up, and I can't get to our pictures. What the...! And of course, our receipt is nowhere to be found. Then we were stuck with a vacation to Colorado, moving, etc., and didn't get around to taking it to the Geek Squad at Best Buy until a week or two ago. They also agree with us that it's broken. They told us not only can we not exchange it, but that they were going to charge us $100 to get our pictures off of it, which would then void the warranty on it. So... basically we're paying them $250 to give us back our pictures?! Doug said we should go for it so we can at least save our pictures.
Two days later, they say they couldn't get to our pictures, and I'm assuming that the manufacturer's warranty is void now, too. So I'm REALLY upset that we paid for something to erase our pictures. NICE.
After we found out it was broken, and before our move, we decided we needed a new desktop anyway, since the other one was running super slow, and had some viruses on it, anyway. So here we are, with our new computer, waiting for our FREE upgrade to Windows 7, courtesy of Best Buy. So we get it, but then realize that we need to save all of our documents and pictures in case Windows 7 erases them. We want to cover all our bases this time, you know? So I spent all my free computer time figuring out how to transfer that stuff to discs. FINALLY, I have a few minutes while all the boys are sleeping to blog and catch up on other people's blogs.

We took Lincoln to his 6-month check-up today, and Jack was worried about Lincoln the whole time. He had his eyes on him as the nurse did all the measurements, as they carried Lincoln to the scale, and while the doctor was looking at him and Lincoln was crying. You could tell he wanted to make sure his little brother wasn't getting hurt. Because of this (and my own selfish reasons), I took him out to the car when it was time for shots. I let Doug stay with him. Only two shots today, so that wasn't bad. I guess they combined like 5 shots into one. LOVE THAT! Here were Lincoln's stats, compared to Jack's:

Length: 28 in. (93%)
Weight: 19 lbs. 3 oz. (85%)
Head Circumference 43.2 cm. (35%)

JackLength: 27.8 in. (86%)
Weight: 19 lbs. 7 oz. (79%)
Head Circumference: 43.9 cm. (51%)

I'm so glad Jack loves his brother!

This video of the two of them just makes me smile every time I watch it.

Our awesome neighbors let us borrow one of their fake trees this year. Wasn't that nice? Now we have somewhere to put the presents! We decorated it when Jack was sleeping to prevent any breaking ornaments. Here he is looking at it when he woke up.
Lincoln thought it was fun to look at the lights and reach for the bells while laying under the tree.

Jack did this when I asked him to smile and say cheese.
This was the best face shot I got of him.

And here's another shot of Lincoln.