Friday, March 06, 2009

Recent Happenings Caught on Camera

Doug's new best friend
He was able to sell his old Blackberry Pearl on ebay for almost the same price as this refurbished iPhone, and he likes it a ton more.

How far back does a fingernail bend without breaking off?
It turns out, quite a bit! But at some point, it appears that blood is involved. I'm not even sure how it happened still, but I was changing one of Jack's diapers, and one of the sides came off of it when I was pulling it, and that's when this tragedy happened. It hurt so bad that I screamed "Ow!" and Jack started balling because he thought I was yelling at him. Sorry, kiddo.

Dinner with daddy
Jack and I drove to Doug's work to give him his new phone that had come in the mail that day (which turned out to be a pointless trip, but that's a boring story), and Jack just wanted to run around... in the street. Turns out that grass is too boring.

The deer are back!
We counted 9 deer, I believe, the other night while taking this picture. The snow is finally starting to melt behind our house, thus inviting the deer up. Jack enjoys watching them. So does Buddy. Except he barks at them.

Try these on for size!

I turn my head for a couple minutes to find that Jack has managed to fit his tiny feet into BOTH of my shoes, by himself! What a funny kid.

We made a free excursion to Cabela's to look at all the stuffed animals and their game fish. Jack had as much fun as one could have while trying to delay naptime for this entertainment.

Sunday naps
Sometimes, Jack only naps 30 or 45 minutes and wakes up. This is when one of us will go pick him up and sit in his chair. He'll then fall back asleep with us and have a nap that can sometimes be two hours more. He'll have to enjoy them while he's still an only child. I couldn't help but sneak a pic of these two enjoying a Sunday snooze.

Did someone say cupcakes?
I was craving some chocolate cake last Sunday, and therefore decided to make some cupcakes. Here's Jack enjoying his first.

He's my puppy, and I'll do what I want!
You can't see him, but Buddy is on the other side of the gate, hoping someone will lift him over. Jack thought it would be fun to try to poke him through the gate with his fingers, or put his head down and reach for him. Pretty funny... from this side of the gate, anyway.

On another note, I had to go to the doctor Wednesday morning because I was having some severe back pain on my right side. They diagnosed it as a UTI, which was creeping up into my kidneys. I've pretty much been stuck on the couch since because it has hurt to move and take deep breaths. It's also made it hard to sleep at night! They gave me antibiotics, and I have slowly been getting better. Thank goodness the worst is over! And thank goodness I got it now and not when my family starts coming next week. Thanks to my wonderful neighbors (Amber and Kendee) for watching Jack for me while I could lay down in peace! You guys are the best.

I've now come to the conclusion that while in utero, my babies hate me.


Terry and Melissa Rees said...

Oh how sad for you! I'm sure your babies don't hate you, but it can seem like it, can't it? As long as they love you when they are born!

Maria said...

You're too funny! That fingernail pic made me cringe. Jack is getting so big! I can't believe how fast they grow!


The story about the fingernail gave me the heebe-jebies. Ouch!

Shannon said...

Keagan loves to wear our shoes around the house! I don't understand how these little guys can walk around with those heavy shoes!

Kristy E.B. said...

You poor girl! Sounds like you're having a rough go of pregnancy!! Hopefully you get feeling better soon and the rest is a can only hope!

Clayton and Amber said...

Pregnancy is mean to you! I hope your feeling better and that your cold goes away soon too! What cute pictures. And ouch! That fingernail picture made me weak at the knees.

Michelle Bingham said...

Hey I just got your Comment! I hope I didn't miss you! I'm be around, I'm always around! Call me if you get a chance while in town, that is if you haven't already left!