Thursday, May 28, 2009

More Jack Pics

Still no baby.
I should be cleaning my kitchen floor, but I chose to blog instead.
Jack and I have colds.
This is Jack's second cold this month... poor kiddo!
Here he is at the park yesterday with his new $1.00 sand bucket. I thought I would take his sandals off so he didn't get sand in them, but he wouldn't move from this spot because he hated the feel of sand on his feet.
Turns out that sand doesn't taste good.

Gotta love Wednesday's when daddy can hang out with us in the mornings!

If you give a kid a taste of batter... he's going to want a spatula to go with it.

After one taste, he says, "Mo! Mo!" (translation: "More! More!")


Karen said...

I love the chocolate all over the face picture. It's a sign of a happy toddler. Haylee had her pail at the park the other day and scooped sand for an hour. It must be their stress reliever.

Ryan and Cecily said...

Fun! Looks like you had a nice day. :)

Clayton and Amber said...

Fun day at the park! I love the pic of Jack eating the chocolate! So cute! Ty and Mack love their best buddy Jack!

Melinda said...

Kitchen floors are over rated! I pulled up your blog fully expecting to see pictures of the new baby! BTW, Jared and I got a new grill this weekend, so you should be expecting a phone call for some recipes! BTW, call me if you need any help with anything!!!

Nicole said...

Just catching up on blogging... do we have a baby yet? Looks like you may have been induced today. Keep us posted!

Amy Lucas said...

I love that outfit!! It was one of my favorite's on Cole. Another little red head in orange. Love it!