Monday, May 11, 2009

Outside Boy

Yes, I am still here and still pregnant. My contractions have slowed way down, so I guess I was just a little dehydrated. I'm only 36 weeks right now, so it's still early... unfortunately. The leg cramps, hearty appetite, baby limbs in my ribs, sore hips, exhaustion, swollen feet, constantly full bladder, clothes that are all too small, and huge baby movements will all have to last a little longer.

Despite all those cons, being pregnant is definitely a blessing! I know not everyone will get to experience this, so I do feel lucky, also. It's just hard sometimes when you're at the bottom of the ninth, and the end still doesn't seem to be anywhere in sight. All the primary kids got up in sacrament meeting yesterday and sang a different version of "Popcorn Popping" for mother's day. It brought me to tears after the first line. Being a mom is the greatest gift!

Jack has discovered the magic of being outdoors with the nice weather, and has decided that he wants to be outside every waking moment, if possible. He knows that I won't take him out too often, which is because he runs away from me if I do. Can you imagine seeing an 8-month pregnant woman chasing a toddler down the sidewalk? I'd probably laugh if I saw that, too! As soon as Doug gets home from work each day, Jack demands to be outdoors. Saturday was just beautiful, so we spent a good hour and a half just sitting outside, mowing the lawn, going for a walk, etc.

He's quite the helper when daddy needs to mow the lawn.

And here's his latest and greatest trick! You'll notice he's a little sidetracked being outside.

It was a good thing I didn't go into labor last Tuesday because I was throwing a baby shower for my friend Cecily that next Thursday evening. She's due June 28th, and is having a girl. I'm so excited for Ryan and her! Her wonderful mom helped out with so much, I felt like I was hardly doing anything except providing the games and location. I hope you had fun, Cec! I found out yesterday that my mom can't come out until June 1st, so if I can last for 2 more weeks, that would be perfect. Of course, things never go how you plan them to...


Janaca said...

Still pregnant huh? I know how hard it is those that several weeks, but hang in there! It does end...eventually. I felt like it never would at the time though. You're such a cute mom and I hope all goes well with the delivery!

Karen said...

Cute picture of you and cecily. that's so cool that you guys can still do things together. Keep drinking water girl!!

Maria said...

I love how Jack just stops right in the middle of mowing to look at something on the ground. Kids are so funny!


Abby wants to be outside all the time too! Hang in there, it will soon be over, and you'll miss being pregnant.

Melinda said...

Toni, you look so good! It must be all that time you're spending out side! I'm amazed that Jack isn't scared by the sound of the lawn mower. Anyway, I hope you're feeling better!

Kakes said...

I never knew that was what that second handle bar was for on the lawn mower until now. It's for the cute little toddler!

I love Jack's new trick. When he grabs onto the chair because he is dizzy, it is so cute.

Also, if you end up having the baby early and your mom isn't in town, give me a ring! I'd be happy to come help you out.

Ryan and Cecily said...

Thanks for the awesome baby shower Toni! I had so much fun and I appreciate all you did just for me! love ya girl!