Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Where My Girls At?

My parents and sisters all met up here last Wednesday for my cousin Camille's wedding. It was so much fun having all my sisters together! We haven't all been together since Christmas 2007. Isn't that sad? Unfortunately, I failed to take too many pictures. But here are the ones I did take. The rest I confiscated from my sisters and dad.

Heather, me, Eliza, Amy, mom, and dad in front of the Mt. Timpanogos temple

Heather, me (the cow), Eliza, and Amy

My cousin Camille and her new husband, Jared. Looking hot in my dress that she borrowed!

Jack actually being by one of my sisters

We had fun quoting movies all weekend. Yeah, these are my peeps! Doug also got his new Vanagon this weekend from St. George on Saturday and Sunday, and had fun golfing down there with his bros... for FREE, thanks to our neighbor! Busy weekend!

Yesterday surprised me with some false labor already... contractions every 5 minutes for an hour, and then like 8 in an hour later on yesterday evening. Guess I should take it easy for a little longer. Jack had his 18-month check-up today and had to get 3 shots! I had to hold his arms down while he screamed. Poor guy! I got him a happy meal in the drive-through afterwards because I felt so bad, but he fell asleep before he got home to eat it.


Janaca said...

That's so fun you and all your sisters could be together! That is terrible it had been that long. You look SO cute Toni. I love your hair and that shirt is so cute on you. You look adorable pregnant and amazing for being so close. You look teeny to me!

Maria said...

You are not a cow! I was just thinking how beautiful you look pregnant! You're probably thinner than I am while you're pregnant than I normally am. I'm glad you could get together with all your family!

Melinda said...

I agree, you are NOT a cow! I don't look half that good and I'm not pregnant!! Poor Jack, I hate going with kids when they got shots, it makes me feel so bad for them! Yeah, dang, contractions already? No me gusta! You and I need to do lunch soon, now that I have a life again!


It's so nice to have "mini family reunions" everyonce in awhile! Fun! You look great too!

Kakes said...

Woot, woot for borrowing dresses! Also, you pull off the pregnancy look SO well, not even kidding. And I think you look most like your sister Eliza.

Kids getting shots seems like a nightmare! I am glad he is doing better now.