Thursday, June 25, 2009

Playing Outside and Father's Day

It's all about boys at our house! Here's Jack with his bag of outside goodies that his aunt Amy made for him. It's got bubbles, a little shovel and rake, sidewalk chalk, a spray bottle, and some wipes. The spray bottle is his favorite!

Here he is getting daddy with it.
Happy Father's Day, Doug!

You're such an awesome father and husband, and I'm so glad we were able to spend Father's Day with you. You have two beautiful boys that love you so much. It just melts my heart to see you with them. Love you, babe!

We spent Father's Day at Doug's grandpa's house this year in Payson. He has a bunch of rundown vehicles on his property that Jack enjoyed checking out. Here he is driving the tractor...Driving the truck...Driving the school bus...Meanwhile...This is the only picture I've managed to take so far with both boys. Jack doesn't really enjoy sitting by his brother yet.And the most recent pictures of Lincoln...



Lincoln is getting big. It seems he is starting to lose the "newborn-ness". That's funny that jack keeps his distance from the baby. I'm curious to see how Abby will react when our second is born.

Maria said...

Those are two handsome boys you've got!

Melinda said...

SO CUTE!!!! I agree, Doug is a pretty awesome Dad! I love the videos of Jack dancing, I can't believe what a little person he's becoming! Hope you're feeling okay, let me know if you need anything!