Friday, June 26, 2009

Tribute to Michael Jackson

I turned on some of my MJ favorites today, and Jack was really excited to dance to them! I accidentally cut this clip off a little short, so I missed him falling at the end.

And I couldn't resist including this one because of the pose he strikes at the end.

Let's face it... Michael Jackson was quite a bizarre man, but he had some rockin' tunes.


Kakes said...

I did the exact same thing. When I found out he died, I started listening to his songs like crazy. I think I would have been sadder about his death if he'd been making music NOW a days, nonetheless, still sad. What a perfect way to show a tribute, with little Jack dancing! I love it.

And yes, I'd love to come help you with your little boys some time! Just tell me when!! :)

Kakes said...
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Ryan and Cecily said...

Those videos are so cute! I love them. I was so shocked to hear he passed on.

I hope things are going well. Miss ya!