Thursday, July 30, 2009


Doug took his birthday off work and we made a day of it at the zoo. Jack enjoyed most of it, but was definitely done by naptime. He was asleep before we even left the parking lot.

We saw this kind of monkey that was hilarious! The noises it was making were so funny.

Happy Birthday, Doug!

I planned a surprise party for Doug for his birthday this year at Boondocks. I invited all his friends and his immediate family to come join us. I wish more of you could have come! Because we had at least 10 people, we got an awesome group rate of $13.95/person for unlimited activities for 3 hours, and they even gave us an extra hour to have pizza and drinks! I made him blindfold himself in the car on the way there, and he seemed excited when he found out what was going on. We had fun doing go-carts, lazer tag, mini golf, bumper boats, and this awesome thing they have called XD Theater. It's like a 4D movie with chairs that move around and stuff. I compared it to the Star Wars ride at Disneyland. Thanks to those of you who were able to come help us celebrate! We had lots of fun. If we do this again, I think I might leave the boys at home so one of us doesn't have to sit out for each attraction, but it was still fun. I felt bad for Jack because they wouldn't let him be a passenger for anything, including bumper boats, and it was SO hot. Lame! Hope you had a fun birthday, Doug. I love you!

Here are some of our great friends Jared and Melinda, and Ryan and Cecily (and their new addition, Beckett, who's only 2 weeks younger than Lincoln!)
Here's Jack giving Ryan "fives."
What's with the face, Nelson?

Here's Doug and Jack opening his presents from me... an xbox game and a Shopvac.


Jack attended his first rodeo on the 24th. Doug's grandpa buys everyone tickets to the Spanish Fork Rodeo every year. Jack absolutely loved all the horses that came out at the beginning, and it kept his attention for about a half hour. Then Doug took him to go see the horses and bulls up close. Too bad it started at 8, he was pretty much done by 8:45, and we were fighting to keep him entertained the rest of the time. Here's his uncle Kolton throwing him up in the air before it started.

Here he is pointing at the horses at the beginning.

His first taste of cotton candy... I think he likes it.

And here he is busting his moves to the blazing loud music. I leaned over to Cassidy and said, "Am I getting old, or could they stand to turn down this music a little bit?" She laughed and said, "This is the rodeo, not church!" That made me laugh, and realize... I must be getting old.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

New Family Pics

If you can't tell from the header, we recently got some new family pictures and pictures of the boys. Here are some of our favorites.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Good Times Had By The Nelson's

We've been off having some family fun, so excuse the lack of posts lately. A couple weeks ago, we took Jack to Chuck E. Cheese for some fun. The pizza was awful, but he seemed to enjoy the entertainment for the most part, and, as always, threw a fit when we had to leave. Here he is on his favorite attraction, a big truck. Or, as Jack would call it, a "vroom vroom!"

He also enjoyed this merry-go-round until these older chicks kept jumping on it and distracting him.

Afterwards, we decided to check out the new Nordstrom Rack store nearby, and found this water feature afterwards, just in time for Lincoln to eat.

Gulp gulp!

You can't very well check out a water feature properly unless you're dripping wet by the end.

A few days ago, Jack kept pressing his face up to the glass on the back door, and it was just cracking me up! I didn't get any of the hilarious faces he was making. This was all I managed to capture.

Jack also has a shoe fetish where he'll pull our shoes out of our closet to have either us or him try on. He'll do the same thing with the shoes in his closet. Here he is moving all of the shoes by the door to the carpet. Apparently, that was a better spot.

And Jack's new passion... video games. He loves making daddy turn on his airplane game where Jack can shoot the guns. This usually lasts around 5 minutes.

We went to the Draper City carnival and pool party last week where Jack and I enjoyed some free pool time. Thank goodness there are no pictures of that! Then they had this huge slide that Doug took Jack on. Doug said he was fighting Jack the whole way up because Jack wanted down. But after they went down once, Jack wanted to go again. Unfortunately, it took all Doug had to get to the top the first time, so this was their only go at it.

Jack has been climbing up to the adult chairs at the table lately, so we figured it might be time for a booster seat. Here he is, modeling what he calls his "big boy" chair.

I promise we do have another kid, too. But pictures just never turn out very well of him because of his poor baby acne. It got so bad that it covered his whole scalp, too!

Luckily, it's made a drastic improvement over the last week. I was even able to snap a couple shots of the both of them together.

And last but not least, here are a couple smiles from Lincoln on film. Pretty cute!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Cute Boys

Jack is either the big helper or the enemy to his little brother... depends on the moment. Here's a "big helper" moment when he thought Lincoln might want his pacifier.
All ready for church, and checking out his big brother!

I was sweeping and mopping the dining room and kitchen, and turned around to see this cutie had climbed up onto the chair, and onto my cushion.

This is what I get for asking a 20-month old to go get some toilet paper so I can wipe his nose.

Lincoln's first smile on camera, even though it's a horrible picture.

4th of July Fun

We stayed at home for the 4th of July, and set off our own fireworks around 8:45, even though it was still light out. Jack thought the fireworks were pretty awesome, especially the ones that made noise. Here are my boys outside after dinner on the 4th. What a handsome group!
It was a little chilly, so we all bundled up and headed outside for some sweet fireworks. Jack's face was priceless most of the time!

I love the "hands on the knees" pose.

Here he is digging for the next firework he wants to do. Lincoln was nice enough to hold off his colic until after we came inside.
After Jack went to bed, Doug, Lincoln and I sat out on the deck to watch the fireworks of all the different cities. It's a fantastic view, even though the majority of the fireworks are so tiny because we're so far away. Hope everyone else had a great 4th!

Doug and Jack's Camping Trip

Doug took Jack on a camping trip for his mom's family's reunion on July 3rd. Doug was really excited to take his Vanagon on its first overnight trip. Looks like they had fun! Here were some of my favorite pics from it.