Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Good Times Had By The Nelson's

We've been off having some family fun, so excuse the lack of posts lately. A couple weeks ago, we took Jack to Chuck E. Cheese for some fun. The pizza was awful, but he seemed to enjoy the entertainment for the most part, and, as always, threw a fit when we had to leave. Here he is on his favorite attraction, a big truck. Or, as Jack would call it, a "vroom vroom!"

He also enjoyed this merry-go-round until these older chicks kept jumping on it and distracting him.

Afterwards, we decided to check out the new Nordstrom Rack store nearby, and found this water feature afterwards, just in time for Lincoln to eat.

Gulp gulp!

You can't very well check out a water feature properly unless you're dripping wet by the end.

A few days ago, Jack kept pressing his face up to the glass on the back door, and it was just cracking me up! I didn't get any of the hilarious faces he was making. This was all I managed to capture.

Jack also has a shoe fetish where he'll pull our shoes out of our closet to have either us or him try on. He'll do the same thing with the shoes in his closet. Here he is moving all of the shoes by the door to the carpet. Apparently, that was a better spot.

And Jack's new passion... video games. He loves making daddy turn on his airplane game where Jack can shoot the guns. This usually lasts around 5 minutes.

We went to the Draper City carnival and pool party last week where Jack and I enjoyed some free pool time. Thank goodness there are no pictures of that! Then they had this huge slide that Doug took Jack on. Doug said he was fighting Jack the whole way up because Jack wanted down. But after they went down once, Jack wanted to go again. Unfortunately, it took all Doug had to get to the top the first time, so this was their only go at it.

Jack has been climbing up to the adult chairs at the table lately, so we figured it might be time for a booster seat. Here he is, modeling what he calls his "big boy" chair.

I promise we do have another kid, too. But pictures just never turn out very well of him because of his poor baby acne. It got so bad that it covered his whole scalp, too!

Luckily, it's made a drastic improvement over the last week. I was even able to snap a couple shots of the both of them together.

And last but not least, here are a couple smiles from Lincoln on film. Pretty cute!


Janaca said...

Fun fun! I LOVE your new header. Such a cute family picture! I'm jealous you've already gotten one done of the 4 of you...I have yet to do that. Very handsome boys!


You look great, man you recover from a pregnancy fast! Jack is so cute. We should have Abby and Jack have a play date. Abby needs a kid to play with.

Kyle said...

CUTE CUTE CUTE!!! Nice lookin' family! Quick question - some of the pictures look like your boys have reddish hair? Jack's hair especially looks like it is getting like a strawberry blond color! I love it! Hope my kids have reddish blond hair!

Terry and Melissa Rees said...

K LOVE the new blog layout!! How did you do the header? Baby acne sucks. Deacon got it so bad when he was a newborn!

Maria said...

I also love the new layout. And I love that pic of Doug and Jack on the slide! So cute! Also love Lincoln's green sweater from the previous post.

Toni said...

Thanks, girls! That header took a few hours of non-existent free time with some new family pics, free digital scrapbook paper, and Photoshop. Gotta love Photoshop!

Eliza Brock said...

fun times!