Thursday, July 30, 2009

Happy Birthday, Doug!

I planned a surprise party for Doug for his birthday this year at Boondocks. I invited all his friends and his immediate family to come join us. I wish more of you could have come! Because we had at least 10 people, we got an awesome group rate of $13.95/person for unlimited activities for 3 hours, and they even gave us an extra hour to have pizza and drinks! I made him blindfold himself in the car on the way there, and he seemed excited when he found out what was going on. We had fun doing go-carts, lazer tag, mini golf, bumper boats, and this awesome thing they have called XD Theater. It's like a 4D movie with chairs that move around and stuff. I compared it to the Star Wars ride at Disneyland. Thanks to those of you who were able to come help us celebrate! We had lots of fun. If we do this again, I think I might leave the boys at home so one of us doesn't have to sit out for each attraction, but it was still fun. I felt bad for Jack because they wouldn't let him be a passenger for anything, including bumper boats, and it was SO hot. Lame! Hope you had a fun birthday, Doug. I love you!

Here are some of our great friends Jared and Melinda, and Ryan and Cecily (and their new addition, Beckett, who's only 2 weeks younger than Lincoln!)
Here's Jack giving Ryan "fives."
What's with the face, Nelson?

Here's Doug and Jack opening his presents from me... an xbox game and a Shopvac.

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Cecily said...

Happy Birthday to Doug! We had fun celebrating with you!