Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Happy Birthday, Kevin!

Doug's family celebrated his dad's birthday this weekend. We went to Cassidy's house for burgers and angel food cake. Cassidy and Bryce have two dogs, and one is a mastiff. Here's Atlas peeking under the garage door and pawing at Jack. Jack was all too willing to touch their noses until that paw flew at him. Then he had to think twice about getting near them.

Here he is deciding whether or not to pet that huge beast!

Our two cuties with their grandpa Nelson

Doug's aunt Karel and Lincoln

Lincoln all tuckered out


Maria said...

Kevin is so awesome! Happy b-day to him. Lincoln is so cute; he looks just like Jack!

Kakes said...

Hey by the way, I just wanted to thank you for your nice words about my being fired. You are so sweet. I am so thankful for good friends like you. Seriously, I just adore you.

Melinda said...

Sheesh! I thought my dog was big! Your boys are so dang cute! Sorry I couldn't come hang with you the other day, we'll have to plan a day soon!


Fun! How are things going? Is Lincoln happy and healthy? Is Jack adjusting?