Thursday, July 30, 2009


Jack attended his first rodeo on the 24th. Doug's grandpa buys everyone tickets to the Spanish Fork Rodeo every year. Jack absolutely loved all the horses that came out at the beginning, and it kept his attention for about a half hour. Then Doug took him to go see the horses and bulls up close. Too bad it started at 8, he was pretty much done by 8:45, and we were fighting to keep him entertained the rest of the time. Here's his uncle Kolton throwing him up in the air before it started.

Here he is pointing at the horses at the beginning.

His first taste of cotton candy... I think he likes it.

And here he is busting his moves to the blazing loud music. I leaned over to Cassidy and said, "Am I getting old, or could they stand to turn down this music a little bit?" She laughed and said, "This is the rodeo, not church!" That made me laugh, and realize... I must be getting old.

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Fun! I have never been to a rodeo before. It's hard to believe that I grew up in Colorado, and now live in Utah, and still have never been. Oh well.