Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Lincoln's 2-Month Check-Up

I can't believe our baby is already two months old! He had his check-up yesterday, and here are his stats:
Height: 23.3 in. (59th percentile)
Weight 13 lb. 6 oz. (83rd percentile!)
Head Circumference: 39.0 cm. (25th percentile)

So, he's got a teeny head, but weighs a ton! He got three shots, which I was able to leave the room for since Doug was there, too. Jack and I went and played with toys in the waiting room. He's such a cute little boy, but I can never manage to get a good picture of him. Here's a good smile on camera, and a couple other recent pics.

We love you, Link-bug!


Maria said...

Oh, he's so cute and cuddly!

Melinda said...

What do you mean you can't get good pictures? They're all good pictures! So cute!

Nicole said...

he is getting so big! Looks like you guys are having a fun summer. I love your new family pictures!

gripentrogs said...

Kaylee is only 18 lbs at 14 months...I can't believe he is aready 13 lbs!! He is adorable!