Wednesday, September 30, 2009

4-Month Stats Are In

Lincoln had his 4-month check-up a couple days early to make sure it was still covered by insurance. Here's how he measured up in comparison with Jack:

Lincoln: 26.0 in. (86%)
Jack: 27.0 in. (97%)

Lincoln: 17 lb. 6 oz. (92%)
Jack: 16 lb. 11 oz. (80%)

Head Circumference
Lincoln: 41.6 cm. (35%)
Jack: 42.0 cm. (41%)

To sum it up, Lincoln is a tall, hefty boy! My friend was saying her little girl is like 13 or 14 months old, and only weighs 18 lbs. Lincoln almost weighs as much as her! How funny. Doug took him, and dropped Jack and me off at a nearby park to play. Lincoln had to get 3 shots, and Doug said he didn't even cry for that long. Brute!

I had an Usborne books party last night, and only one person showed up! I felt so embarrassed and tried to tell the rep (my friend Britney) that I really did invite like 15+ people. I'm so glad you came, Rach! Their books were so amazing, I think I want to become a rep eventually. Let me know if you'd want to book a party next year!


Cecily said...

Hey Toni! I'm sorry to hear only one person showed up to your party! :( I think our boys are going to be the same size growing up, haha. Everyone that sees Beckett always tells me how big he is. I think he and Lincoln will be good buds.

Janaca said...

Glad that Lincoln is doing good and that he's a healthy little boy. I'm SO sorry I couldn't make it last night. I feel really bad knowing only one person came. Jackson is sick and had a fever last night so he is not a happy camper and I really couldn't leave him.. Sorry again!


Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry. I'll be honest, I totally spaced it. I have an excuse, right? Doesn't every women lose her mind while pregnant? I'm totally bummed, I was looking forward to getting to hang out with you.

Terry and Melissa Rees said...

All the ladies in my neighborhood do Usborne Book parties! I got a booklet and totally want all their books!! Lincoln sounds like he is growing up fast :)

Nicole said...

I'm so behind on your blog! Sorry to hear about Doug losing his job. That sucks. And sad you have to move. We actually moved the same weekend, otherwise I would have come and helped you out. So any luck with Doug finding a job? Is he staying home with the boys while you work? Let us know if you need anything!

Christy said...

So like everyone else, I'm so sorry I could't make it to your party. I feel even worse that only one person showed up. But when you do become a rep, I want to book a show with you! Lincoln is getting so big! I say, the chunkier they are, the better!