Monday, October 26, 2009

Baby Kingsley & More Rice Cereal

Cassidy, Doug's sister, brought Kingsley Marie McBride into the world on Thursday evening. Isn't she a doll? I think she looks like Cassidy and Gwen.

Here are the proud parents. Can you believe she's sitting up and in her own clothes the next day? Who does that?! Cass, you're amazing!

Here's what Jack did when I said, "Say, 'Cheese'!"

Lincoln's enjoying his rice cereal more and more!

"What is all this stuff on my hands?"

Here's uncle Kade taking a stab at the feeding.

Apparently, Lincoln didn't think he was going fast enough.

Thanks to Gwen, we had a few pumpkins this year to carve. Jack was very interested in the process, and Doug said he liked to pick up all the seeds that fell on the ground.

Here are the finished products, created by Doug. That one in the middle cracks me up! What does it remind you of?

This was my guess...

But I was wrong... this is what he was going for.

Here's our monster pumpkin!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Thanksgiving Point Fun

We went to Thanksgiving Point this weekend with some of our friends for their Scarecrow Festival. Don't you hate it when you have to pay for admission, and then everything inside costs money, too? We thought Jack would love the inflatables, but he was scared of pretty much everything free. What's that about? At least he enjoyed walking around and looking at everything. It will all be more fun when he understands what Halloween is all about. My friend Rachel was like, "Well, Halloween IS meant to scare..." so I guess it's doing its job with Jack!

With this next picture, um... we have no idea where he learned how to do this:

Here are our cool friends, Rachel and Brady (and cute little Claire)
Jack finally worked up the nerve to unhook from our legs and go touch a scarecrow right before we left!
Lincoln was getting tired...
Jack LOVED the caramel-covered donuts that Rachel and Brady shared with us. Can you tell?
Thanks for a fun weekend, guys!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Random Pics & Lincoln's First Rice Cereal

More pics of my boys! Jack has turned into quite the poser.

Jack likes his daddy to read him books before bedtime. This first picture, they didn't know I was taking it.

Lincoln LOVES bathtime! These pictures prove it.

When we put Lincoln on the floor, he always likes to look up and over his head, even when he's under a toy. Here's his pose looking at his daddy (P.S. Isn't this hooded towel so cute? My mom made it for him!):


And of course, here's attempt #1 and #2 of feeding Lincoln his rice cereal. Tip: Don't try feeding babies rice cereal when they're ready to go to sleep. That was our first mistake! I think he's getting the hang of it now!

Monday, October 05, 2009

Love My Boys

Jack went into my closet the other day, and came out like this:
With both feet in already and everything!

Before Lincoln was born, I found some good deals on some clothes at Children's Place during their monster sale. I found these sweaters, and had to guess when the boys would be about the same size.
Jack's is a size too big still, and Lincoln's is still a little big. But I figure Linc will grow out of his before I know it, so I whipped them out yesterday when we went to Doug's grandpa's for the afternoon.

It sure is fun to dress them alike! I don't know how people can afford to do it all the time, though.

Here's Carl blowing out his candles. Jack was more than willing to help. The other little cutie is Deacon, Doug's cousin's little boy. He's such a doll!

It was raining when we left Doug's grandpa's, and I told Jack to hurry to the car. He started running and fell within the first second. He was okay, but got all muddy. When we got home, I told him he could have a bath in mommy's tub. As I'm putting the milk away, I walk into my room, and see him here in the dark...
He obviously knew what I was saying! Jack has started copying everything Doug and I do and say. It's SO entertaining, but we also have to be very careful with what we say now.