Monday, October 26, 2009

Baby Kingsley & More Rice Cereal

Cassidy, Doug's sister, brought Kingsley Marie McBride into the world on Thursday evening. Isn't she a doll? I think she looks like Cassidy and Gwen.

Here are the proud parents. Can you believe she's sitting up and in her own clothes the next day? Who does that?! Cass, you're amazing!

Here's what Jack did when I said, "Say, 'Cheese'!"

Lincoln's enjoying his rice cereal more and more!

"What is all this stuff on my hands?"

Here's uncle Kade taking a stab at the feeding.

Apparently, Lincoln didn't think he was going fast enough.

Thanks to Gwen, we had a few pumpkins this year to carve. Jack was very interested in the process, and Doug said he liked to pick up all the seeds that fell on the ground.

Here are the finished products, created by Doug. That one in the middle cracks me up! What does it remind you of?

This was my guess...

But I was wrong... this is what he was going for.

Here's our monster pumpkin!


Melinda said...

Wow! Tell Cassidy Congratulations, she has a beautiful baby! I love your pumpkins, I love Jack's face in the carving picture!

Cecily said...

Congrats to Cassidy! Also, I love your pumpkin! I thought that the middle pumpkin was Hannibal also. haha. It was fun chatting last night.

Karen said...

cute pumpkins, no matter how scary the pumpkins are suppossed to look I always think they look cute. Ya the mommy who just had a baby is awesome for wearing normal clothes the next day. I don't think I did for 2 straight months.

Mcbride Family said...

isn't Kingsley so cute?? I said the exact same thing. I think she looks JUST LIKE Cassidy and Gwen. I told Them both that and they didn't seem to really agree but Brandon and I BOTH agree that she definitely looks like them. She is GORGEOUS!

Terry and Melissa Rees said...

I was totally thinking Kingsley looked like Kevin!! A Nelson at least, though! Thanks for the pics, she's a doll! PS- love the Lecter pumpkin!

Janaca said...

Love the pumpkins! We did ours tonight for FHE.

Maria said...

I love the cute pumpkins and cute babies! Looks like a fun time at your house!

Kakes said...

Love the pumpkins! The mouth totally reminded me of the Matrix when his mouth likes get glued shut. :)