Monday, October 12, 2009

Random Pics & Lincoln's First Rice Cereal

More pics of my boys! Jack has turned into quite the poser.

Jack likes his daddy to read him books before bedtime. This first picture, they didn't know I was taking it.

Lincoln LOVES bathtime! These pictures prove it.

When we put Lincoln on the floor, he always likes to look up and over his head, even when he's under a toy. Here's his pose looking at his daddy (P.S. Isn't this hooded towel so cute? My mom made it for him!):


And of course, here's attempt #1 and #2 of feeding Lincoln his rice cereal. Tip: Don't try feeding babies rice cereal when they're ready to go to sleep. That was our first mistake! I think he's getting the hang of it now!



Mcbride Family said...


Karen said...

You have the cutest little boys. they will have so much fun together when Lincoln gets a little older.

Terry and Melissa Rees said...

How cute! Lincoln is sooo big! Love the pic in his towel!

Maria said...

Lincoln is a tank! I love it! Jack is so funny babbling off camera.

Eliza Brock said...

Cute, them boys are getting big...and cuter, if it's possible :-) Love jack's jammies!

Nathan and Alyssa said...

Look at your cute little men! Lincoln is adorable. I don't think I'd seen a picture of him since his ultrasound! Tisk tisk to me. It's nice to hear from you!

Janaca said...

That is so cute that Daddy reads to Jack, I LOVE bath time, and that's so fun that Lincoln is eating rice cereal now! Our boys are getting so big!

Kakes said...

Love the videos. Also, I totally love the unposed type of picture (not that posed are bad) like the one of Doug and Jack sitting in the rocking chair together. So adorable.