Sunday, October 18, 2009

Thanksgiving Point Fun

We went to Thanksgiving Point this weekend with some of our friends for their Scarecrow Festival. Don't you hate it when you have to pay for admission, and then everything inside costs money, too? We thought Jack would love the inflatables, but he was scared of pretty much everything free. What's that about? At least he enjoyed walking around and looking at everything. It will all be more fun when he understands what Halloween is all about. My friend Rachel was like, "Well, Halloween IS meant to scare..." so I guess it's doing its job with Jack!

With this next picture, um... we have no idea where he learned how to do this:

Here are our cool friends, Rachel and Brady (and cute little Claire)
Jack finally worked up the nerve to unhook from our legs and go touch a scarecrow right before we left!
Lincoln was getting tired...
Jack LOVED the caramel-covered donuts that Rachel and Brady shared with us. Can you tell?
Thanks for a fun weekend, guys!


Janaca said...

That looks like a fun thing to do! Glad you had a good weekend.

Karen said...

That looks like such a fun time. I love fall time festivities. Little kids are so funny. They have all the confidence in the world at home and then once they leave their environment they are scared of everything, but only sometimes. It's a mystery.


Abby is terrified of everything too. Sometimes I think "I paid all this money for WHAT?", but I guess you have to keep introducing them to new things so they EVENTUALLY will have confidence.

Kakes said...

That stinks that you had to double pay. Boo! And I didn't know Jimmy Fallon did an Office remake. I'll totally have to check it out. Knowing him and trusting your reference, I am sure it is awesome. Thanks!

Christy said...

How fun! Have you ever gone to Gardner Village to see the witches? We should do that sometime. I hope work is going well!