Friday, November 13, 2009

Boys Update

Jack got a hold of the camera, and I made the mistake of showing him how to take pictures. Here are a few of his first shots as a photographer.

Also, he got some birthday money, and we just got around to spending the rest of it yesterday. He was able to use some of it to go to "Donald's" (as he calls it,) buy the Heffalump Halloween Movie (since Lumpy the elephant is one of his favorite characters,) and yesterday, we got him a toolkit and a police kit that had a gun in it. The gun was his favorite part! Here he is with his new toolbox.

Lincoln was a little upset that he didn't get anything, but we thought he hid it well.

Here's Jack trying on his new police helmet.

And here he is again, modeling his new set of tools.

The goggles were cool to try on...
But they HAD to come off right away!

Doug said that Jack wanted him to take some pictures of him. Here was his pose.

And, my favorite, Lincoln was laughing hysterically about the noise that this toy makes. I had to share!


Mcbride Family said...

awwww I have to say I fell in love with that video... SO cute. I love how he is like half your size. what a darling little dude. He looks just like his dad.

Melissa Rees said...

K that is so cute! Deacon was sitting by me when I played that and he was laughing!! Can't wait for next Saturday. It's going to be fun to hang out!

The Monahan's said...

I love the pics that jack took, I think I see a future photographer!haha!

The Bluths said...

Don't you love when babies laugh about small things? SO cute!

Rachel said...

WAY cute video, thanks for sharing!

Melinda said...

I love it! Your boys are so stinkin' cute! I can not believe how big Jack is, it's crazy! How's 1-800 treating you? Is it weird to be back after so long?

Kakes said...

That is so cute. I love Lincoln's little laugh, and Jack's awesome photo skills.

You are so cute with your boys. You are such a good mom. Plus, you are so gorgeous!

kalls+joel said...

Adorable! your boys are so cute! The video at the end is hilarious. love it!