Thursday, December 31, 2009

Rolls, Recent Projects, and Racetracks

Again, I fail to post regularly. Well here are some recent updates...

Lincoln has formed a nice set of rolls on numerous places on his person. Below are a couple examples of those.

He has also started rolling around all over the place, and has managed to cut 4 teeth already, without even being fussy! What a champ!

Here's just a shot I captured of Doug and Jack intently watching TV.

I also spent the last couple weeks worth of free time before heading to Colorado working on Lincoln's stocking and my new niece's baby blanket. Here's how the blanket turned out...
and here's how Lincoln's stocking turned out... (it's a tradition in my family to make our kids' Christmas stockings)
I'm SO mad we forgot our camera for our Nelson Christmas this year! Kevin and Gwen were so generous to our family, and got us all sorts of goodies. Here was Jack's favorite toy from them... his very first car racetrack!

And here's Lincoln playing with his new toy train.
He was much more excited than he leads you to believe in this picture.


Mcbride Family said...

SO CUTE, love the projects and those kids are darling, that little baby's chubbyness is SO CUTE.

Melissa Rees said...

How cute is Lincoln? And I can't believe he has 4 teeth already! I think that was faster than Deacon, except Deacon was a MONSTER when they came in!

Kateka said...

Oh I love those rolls. I think the pic of Doug holding Jack is really cute. Just because they are so comfortable with eachother. A totally perfect father/son pic.

You are so talented! The blanket and stocking are TO DIE FOR. Love them to bits.