Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Funny Boys

Jack likes to peel his own bananas now (and there's his "owie" on his forehead, poor kid!)

There are some of Lincoln's teeth!

Jack made this bed in the kitchen the other day

Jack stashed this pile of toys for Lincoln to play with when Lincoln was fussy one day. He takes good care of his brother!

We went to wake up Lincoln to go to a baby blessing, and found him like this:

Here's a picture by Jack of Doug's grandma and baby Kingsley

Jack was like this by the time we were going home:

And was like this an hour later, after a shot of cocoa:

Lincoln can feed himself now. Woo hoo! Jack would never do that. He'd just put his hands behind his head when we inserted the bottle.

And some videos! This is of Lincoln trying his green beans. He hated them so much that it makes his whole body shake. Wow, that's hate through and through.

And here's one of Jack. Doug has a "fart" app on his phone that Jack loves playing with. Here's a good laugh.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Individual Updates

Doug: Doug has started a workout and healthy eating program called P90X. He started about a week ago. He's been very dedicated to it so far, and is looking smokin' hot! He also landed a job interview as a financial advisor on Thursday, and should have a second interview sometime this week! He also has another job interview on Tuesday. Wish him luck!

Toni: I'm still working, and met with someone at the fitness center at my work last week for an assessment. I'd like to become more fit and lose some of my belly fat from being pregnant. The guy I met with will assess my numbers and will put a workout routine together for me sometime this week. I'm excited to start that!

Jack: Poor Jack ducked down by the side of our bed this morning and banged his head right on the bed frame that sticks out about an inch or two. It turned out that it was a really bad gash, and was bad enough that we took him to Doug's friend's house, Matt, who's a doctor. He said Jack would need some stitches, and we should take him to Primary Children's Hospital nearby. Matt came in and ended up just using a little glue instead of stitches, which I was excited about. Less pain for baby equals fewer emotional outbursts from mommy. Thanks, Matt!I know it looks like nothing special here (this was taken after we got home,) but it was all sorts of colors earlier that day. Jack wasn't allowed to eat anything while we were there because they were originally thinking they'd have to hook him up to an IV. So he was starving when we left. We ended up stopping at Red Robin to cheer him up.

Lincoln: Lincoln has cut 4 teeth, and his personality is really starting to come out! When we coo at him now, he does this thing where he'll close his eyes for a second, as if to say, "I know, I'm SO cute!" We think it's pretty funny. Here he is chilling with some of his toys, and he just had his leg hanging straight in the air for a couple minutes.He's also rolling over, mostly to his right. And he loves being upright! He can almost sit up on his own. He still loves watching his older brother, and laughs every time Jack plays with him.