Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Funny Boys

Jack likes to peel his own bananas now (and there's his "owie" on his forehead, poor kid!)

There are some of Lincoln's teeth!

Jack made this bed in the kitchen the other day

Jack stashed this pile of toys for Lincoln to play with when Lincoln was fussy one day. He takes good care of his brother!

We went to wake up Lincoln to go to a baby blessing, and found him like this:

Here's a picture by Jack of Doug's grandma and baby Kingsley

Jack was like this by the time we were going home:

And was like this an hour later, after a shot of cocoa:

Lincoln can feed himself now. Woo hoo! Jack would never do that. He'd just put his hands behind his head when we inserted the bottle.

And some videos! This is of Lincoln trying his green beans. He hated them so much that it makes his whole body shake. Wow, that's hate through and through.

And here's one of Jack. Doug has a "fart" app on his phone that Jack loves playing with. Here's a good laugh.


Melinda said...

Ha ha ha! I love these pictures! Where does the time go? So stinkin' cute!

Janaca said...

Boys do some funny things don't they!? That's so cute Jack likes to take care of his little bro. I love that pic of Lincoln sleeping...so cute! Jordan is always making beds under our dining room table. He calls it his playhouse and takes his stuffed animals, pillow, and blankets under there. Gotta love kids!

Kateka said...

Surprisingly.... that kitchen bed looks really comfy. Serious! Hmmm... I guess that is how you know I am tired right now. I'd be totally willing to crawl up on your kitchen floor to take a nap. :)

PS I am totally down for that girls night! Let me know what I can bring, or if you want me to come up with ideas, or whatever.

Amber said...

You are super Mom! I seriously don't know how you keep on top of your blog with all that you do. You put me to shame! Poor Jack's head. That looks like it hurt :( And Linclon is so dang cute.

Nicole said...

Poor Jack and his head! I bet that was painful. It looks like jack and Lincoln are best buds, so cute!