Wednesday, March 31, 2010

We're Here!!

I know posts are no fun without pictures, but just wanted to send a quick update to let everyone know that we arrived safely late Friday night, and had lots of help from our new ward in unpacking. Everything was in the house by 10 AM Saturday morning, and we've been up to our eyebrows in boxes and unpacking ever since. I'll hopefully take pictures before week's end and post them once we're up and running. We're absolutely loving it so far, and have had loads of fun with Doug before he starts work on Monday. More to come soon!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Last Utah Update

Here's our last update from Utah! Mostly just pics of the boys in-between packing things up and selling them on KSL and Craigslist... like this sled. Jack had one last hoorah on it.

Lincoln didn't care much for it at this point.

I love it when my boys play happy together. Lincoln loves playing with his big brother, but Jack's SO over it.

Doug drove back to Arizona last weekend to find us a place to live. He did, luckily. A cute little townhome in a gated community. And we'll have a community pool. Score! Here was the storm he had to brave on the way there:

And driving through it...

And the beautiful skies the next day after staying overnight in Cedar City with his uncle.
Lincoln ended up catching a cold the day he came home, and Jack got it the next day. It caught up to Doug a couple days ago, and my throat is pretty sore today. Nothing like moving while you're sick! At least we should all be over it by the time the big day comes on Friday. Wish us luck! Also, here are a few cute videos I couldn't resist posting.

Video 1: Lincoln is SUCH a splasher in the tub! And Jack thinks it's okay to splash since brother does.

Video 2: Lincoln has discovered tongue clicking. He will do this at random times throughout the day:

Video 3: Lincoln has begun crawling! He has caught on quickly and we can't leave him alone in a room anymore, and expect him to stay in one spot.

Saturday, March 06, 2010


NO, I'm not pregnant again... thank goodness! But we still have some big news that I'm sure most of you already know about. It all started with our neighbor who used to work here:
He was kind enough to put a good word in for Doug (thanks again, Matt and Raynie!). A couple weeks later, they set up a phone interview with Doug. Doug passed the phone interview, and they wanted him to come down for a face-to-face interview just a few days later. I was able to take a couple days off of work and go with him. We left the boys at grandma Nelson's Wednesday and started down toward Phoenix. We decided to stay in Las Vegas Wednesday night at the Hard Rock Hotel. Our room was SO nice! Unfortunately, the one thing we thought we packed (but didn't) was our camera, so these pics from Doug's iphone will have to do.
We headed to my friend Ashley's house on Thursday, who lives in Surprise, and we stayed with them Thursday and Friday. I haven't seen her since college in 2002, so it was fun to catch up!
Here's a picture she posted on her own blog of a bunch of us back in the day. That's her with the long, dark curly hair in the light blue shirt (I still LOVE your hair, Ash!), and I'm standing next to her. Can you believe this was like 7 years ago?! Time sure does fly. Good times, Ashley! Thanks so much for the photo!
Doug's interview was Thursday afternoon, and he found out Friday afternoon that...
He'll be working there as an enrollment counselor, and will be able to go to school there for his MBA for free! I'll also be able to go to school for free there, so we'll be very busy college students!

So we spent Friday trying to find a place to rent so we could move down in time for Doug to start work on April 5th, but were unsuccessful. So he'll have to head back down there a week from this Sunday to find us a place then. We were with Ashley again on Friday night, then left Saturday to go back to Las Vegas to stay at a different hotel this time called South Point. I was pretty disappointed with this one as they gave us a room with 2 queens, and didn't even tell us this when we checked in. I called down immediately to tell them that this wasn't what I reserved online, and they just said, "We don't have any kings left." Well, had I known that, I would have stayed somewhere else! It was still decent, I guess. They had a bowling alley inside the hotel! I haven't been bowling in years, and it showed. Doug scored like 114, and I'm pretty sure I was around 60-something. Here I am bowling one of my many gutter balls.

We had dinner at a prime rib place inside the hotel that was less than $20 for each of us, and free dessert! The prime rib was amazing, too! The portions were so huge that we were only able to eat about half of our dessert.
After dinner, we got on our suits and went down into their hot tub and just talked for awhile. What a nice break! On our way home, we were caught in traffic going through the hoover dam. I guess they're building a "through" road so that you don't have to go down into it anymore. Here's a cool pic of them building it.So I put my 2 weeks in at work on Monday, and my last day is March 13th. Doug leaves March 14th to go find us a place, and we plan on moving the last weekend in March. Wish us luck! We're going to need it. New job, new lifestyle, new state, new climate, NEW LIFE!

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Recent Pics

I know, it's about time! We have had a LOT going on these past couple weeks! I'll explain in our next post. For now, enjoy some recent and random pics of the boys over the last month...

Dad, don't these iPhones taste great?

Jack putting on the Mr. Potato Head glasses

Remember when he got this for his 1st birthday! He's two and still loves it!

Lincoln is sitting up like a big boy now!

Lincoln and Jack playing with Mr. Potato Heads together

Jack helped himself to my swimsuit. NICE!

Jack thought it would be fun to mimic mommy and feed Lincoln. They sure love each other!

A couple cheesy smiles from the boys...

Superbowl Sunday/Grandma Nelson's Birthday
Doug made that cake himself!

Teaching grandpa to give knuckles

The boys in their matching outfits (courtesy of grandma Mondy)

Toni and baby Kingsley