Monday, March 22, 2010

Last Utah Update

Here's our last update from Utah! Mostly just pics of the boys in-between packing things up and selling them on KSL and Craigslist... like this sled. Jack had one last hoorah on it.

Lincoln didn't care much for it at this point.

I love it when my boys play happy together. Lincoln loves playing with his big brother, but Jack's SO over it.

Doug drove back to Arizona last weekend to find us a place to live. He did, luckily. A cute little townhome in a gated community. And we'll have a community pool. Score! Here was the storm he had to brave on the way there:

And driving through it...

And the beautiful skies the next day after staying overnight in Cedar City with his uncle.
Lincoln ended up catching a cold the day he came home, and Jack got it the next day. It caught up to Doug a couple days ago, and my throat is pretty sore today. Nothing like moving while you're sick! At least we should all be over it by the time the big day comes on Friday. Wish us luck! Also, here are a few cute videos I couldn't resist posting.

Video 1: Lincoln is SUCH a splasher in the tub! And Jack thinks it's okay to splash since brother does.

Video 2: Lincoln has discovered tongue clicking. He will do this at random times throughout the day:

Video 3: Lincoln has begun crawling! He has caught on quickly and we can't leave him alone in a room anymore, and expect him to stay in one spot.


Melissa Rees said...

I'm so happy/sad for you!! You will have lots of fun down there. So glad we got to see you on Sunday!

Cecily said...

Wow! That's so exciting that Lincoln is crawling!! He looked so old when he was crawling!

Beckett & I will have to stop by before Friday. I still can't believe you're moving. Oh, Toni. I'm gonna miss you so much!

The Monahan's said...

Good luck on a new start in Arizona! Hope you all feel better and arrive safetly.

It was fun to hang out with you! And even though maybe Abby was quiet and shy, I know she had fun too.

Kateka said...

Oh my adorable! I love the tongue clicking video.

Amber said...

The bath spashing is so cute!! It's funny how we let the little guys get away with it cause it's cute and then the older brother sends a typhon over the bathtub wall and onto your lap :) Your boys are great buddies. Good luck on the drive and move!!!

Maria said...

Good luck with the moving! I'm excited for your new adventure. The townhouse sounds great!

Heidi Breitling said...

Those are fun updates, thanks. I really hope your move went well and the unpacking is going smoothly. We already miss you in Utah. enjoy the sun of AZ though :)

The Bluths said...

Call us if you need any help when you get here!