Monday, April 26, 2010

Good Times

We found this on sale at Target last week, thanks to my sister Amy, the bargain hunter! It has been absolutely wonderful with two kids. I highly recommend it! It's great because Lincoln (or a car seat) can be in the front, and Jack can either sit or stand up on the back of it. Sweet!

Lincoln has become such a poser when we whip out the camera.

The boys and I went to a place called Rawhide Saturday morning while Doug went on an overnight rafting trip with some of the guys from church. Since admission was free, here was the only thing we spent money on: a horse ride for Jack.

Once again, a couple poses from Lincoln.

Today, we looked for a new sticker book for Jack. He LOVES those. But not just the kind that has stickers in it, and you can put them anywhere. He likes the ones where the stickers have an actual place to go in the book. Target was a strike out, and Barnes & Noble had some, but they were pricey. We decided to go to the splash pad afterwards that opened this weekend. We got to 90 today, so Jack thought it felt great, if you can't tell.

And Lincoln thinks morning naps are lame all of a sudden. Granted, he has a cold and two teeth coming in (one a molar.) Here he is right before he zonked.
Here's Jack enjoying the splash pad.

And lastly, we found a nearby park that has some ducks. We went and fed them some bread, and one of them wasn't shy AT ALL about coming up and taking the bread out of Jack's hands. Yikes! (By the way, I didn't notice that he was wearing Lincoln's shorts until after they came out of the wash. No wonder they were so short on him!)

(I'm having problems posting the video right now, so check back later.)


Cecily said...

Oh my gosh! I saw one of those strollers at the women's expo I went to last week. I thought it was so amazing! How does Jack like it? The splash pad looks great and weather sounds wonderful! It got to the low 60's today, lol.

Eliza Brock said...

Cool that there is some fun free stuff to do. Gotta love that. As always, I have the cutest nephews in the world!

Melissa Rees said...

I totally just got one of those strollers! I love it to death! Glad you are having a good time in AZ

The Monahan's said...

okay, I might totally need to get one of those strollers. Does it fold up small to fit in the trunk?

Way nice that the splash pad is open. 90 degrees, yuck!

Nicole said...

Just catching up on your blog, looks like you guys are having fun in AZ. Wish I was there... the weather seems awesome! More snow here tomorrow...

Kateka said...

Ha, ha, ha. Your comment on my last post was so funny. You crack me up!!

I remember those silly litt 50 cent rides. My parents would never let me ride on them. I bet Jack had a blast!

I love Lincoln's poses. He's such a ham (the cutest ham ever).

Melinda said...

What cute boys you have! Lincoln IS a total poser... not in the bad way either! Jack looks like he had a blast at the splash pad, that must be nice for him in the 90+ weather!