Monday, April 12, 2010

Oh How The Days Go By

First off, I am BEGGING for some advice! So, before we moved here, our boys would both sleep until 7 or 7:30. And EVERY day since we've moved here, it has been between 6 and 6:30. HOW DO WE MAKE IT STOP? We still put them down at the same time we did in Utah, but they're sleeping an hour less. I've tried not having Jack nap during the day, and that doesn't help. It's hard to keep Lincoln up any later because he's just so tired when 7 hits. What's the solution here?

Anyway, here are our most recent pics. We caught this snapshot out of our window. Anyone have an idea of what kind of birds these are? We see them often.

Jack still loves his 4-wheeler

It turns out that Jack gets SO hot when he sleeps! Here's some proof:

Here was one of our picnics last week. We have a green patch right outside our front door that we laid a blanket on. Jack loves any excuse to be outside!

Lincoln is so happy eating any human foods now! And also loving the 80 degree weather.

I told Jack to move his cup so I could take a picture, and then he puts his hand in front of his face while giggling. What a kiddo!

Here are the boys in their matching Wall-E PJ's right after baths. They needed some with shorts. I was surprised Lincoln's 2T ones fit him so well!

Here was Lincoln this morning. He stood up all by himself on this stool. He's a quick learner!

Jack found my 'do rag in my drawer and wanted it on. This led to the pirate costume below, using Mr. Potato Head earrings.


Melissa Rees said...

I'm guessing it's because you guys don't have a time change there, but there used to having one here. It doesn't seem like they would notice it but kids are very perceptive! Make sure you take them to the zoo before it gets to hot. It's really fun!

The Monahan's said...

Does it the sun come up really early? That could be waking them. Also, I know it sounds weird, but try putting them to bed earlier, especially if they are getting tired earlier because they woke up so early. Or it could just take time for them to adjust to everything.

Janaca said...

Good luck with the sleep thing and if you get if figured out let me know! My kids always wake up early...Jackson was up at 6:30 today and that's been the routine for awhile, that or 6...not fun! Cute matching pj's! That picture of Jack sweating is so funny cuz that's exactly how Jordan is when he's hot. I have a picture of him last year and his pillow is soaking wet and his head was honestly dripping! It was so nasty!

Melinda said...

Toni, not being a mom myself, I have NO advice on the sleeping thing... The birds however, look like some species of Dove, maybe mourning doves. I LOVE the pics of the boys, especially Lincoln's HUGE smiles! What a cutie! BTW, I am SO jealous of the 80 degree weather! Yes, I may come down and invade your pool!

Kateka said...

Look at Jack's little red cheeks!! So cute. I can't believe it is already so warm for you all out there.

I also can't believe how different your two boys look. Both so adorable though.

Eliza Brock said...

Love the pirate costume and pj's so stinkin cute! Miss those cutie patooties!

Amber said...

That stinks...I wish I could say I had sleeping advice...but my kids still surprise me from time to time. They are up at 6am constantly lately..ugh! And the picture of Jack and his pillow--poor boy! Lincoln is growing up too fast. What a cutie.

Maria said...

I'm glad you're liking it down there! Your townhouse is super cute. Did Lincoln have a major growth spurt or something? He looks so much bigger :)