Monday, April 05, 2010

Recent 2-Year Old Sayings, Uncensored

Jack has started telling Doug and me to, "Come on!" when he wants to go somewhere or when we're going too slow.

We were at Wal-Mart the other day when out of the blue, he touches my chest and says, "Boobies!" followed by a couple giggles. Uh... WHERE did he learn that word?! And what are you supposed to tell him? He is right, after all. I tried shooing his hand away and saying, "Chest. That's mommy's chest." I tried explaining that girls have bigger chest than boys. Last night, he points at them and says, "Big boobs," and tries lifting my shirt up. I had to push his hand away (through my laughter) and explain that we don't do that, and that they are chest (and also thanked him for noticing something pretty non-existent.) Then he lifts his own shirt up and says, "Baby chest, mommy. Baby chest." What a character!

I'm not sure where he got a fright for monsters, but whenever a room is dark, he points and says, "Monsters." We always tell him that monsters are fake. However, being the mean mom that I am, I wondered what he'd do if I played along (mostly to see if he was just playing, or was really scared.) He was standing there, holding my door open, pointing out of my room the other day, saying, "Monsters!"
I said, "Where?"
He said, "Out there."
I gasped and said, "Look! A monster!"
He pushes my door shut as hard as he could, and starts running toward me with the most scared expression I've ever seen him make. Turns out there's a real fright there. Even after watching Monsters, Inc. But when we watch that, he points to them and says, "Nice monsters. Nice!" Almost as if he's trying to convince himself. And sometimes, we'll be going into his room, and out of nowhere, he'll say, "See? No monsters! See?"

I'm sure there will be many more to come.


Cecily said...

Oh, that's funny Toni! Hopefully this phase doesn't last very long, with the pointing and saying "boobies". haha.

Karen said...

hahaha, he is a character. I love hearing the things that come out of a two year olds mouth. Always so unpredictable.

Janaca said...

That's sad he's afraid of monsters! Hopefully he'll grow out of that quickly.
I'm glad to hear that others little boys say crazy things and not just mine! Jordan will randomly touch my chest too and say, "These aren't mine huh, they're Jacksons." I guess cuz I nursed Jackson when Jordan was older he thinks they are his, but since I haven't nursed for several months I tell him no but he keeps talking about them and touching them at random times!

Melinda said...

LOL! Nice! AH, that age where repeating things becomes dangerous! I love it! I have actually had to have the "boobies" talk with some of my primary kids... but I'm sure that it's WAY less awkward having that talk with your own 2 year old than with someone else's 5 or 6 year old... Sigh! Hope you're getting settled in okay! Miss you!

Melissa Rees said...

That is hilarious!! Now I know what to look forward to!

Kateka said...

Oh my word, that is so funny!!!

When I was 17 I was dating this guy and he had a little brother who was obsessed with my "chest". He'd pull up his own shirt and tell me to do it like that, and I would tell him no, so then he'd pull his shirt down and be like, "Okay like this then...". He called them my 'bumps'.

Boys are so funny.... at all ages, really. :)

Amber said...

Ha ha ha, I'm totally laughing. Kids say the funniest things...and that is pretty dang funny :)