Saturday, April 03, 2010

Welcome to Arizona!

Here's my last girl's night (planned for a week or two before we left) with some of my favorite girlfriends in Utah. I had a blast, and can't wait to go back for another one! I will miss you all, my girls! Keep in touch!

Two days before we planned on leaving, I had taken Jack with me to run some last-minute errands to 4 different places. Stop #2 was at JC Penney at the mall. We were almost all the way up the escalator, when I stepped up next to him, instead of behind him. Just then, he tried taking another step, slipped, and fall backwards. The step his head hit had cut it open. This is the second time I've been with Jack when he's cut his head open. I felt AWFUL!! Since it's on the back of his head, Doug's doctor friends said there was no need to take him in since the bleeding was stopping, anyway. We put a gauze pad on it and this wrap around his head. A couple people thought he was dressing like an indian!

This was the first picture I took while in Arizona. Linc has started table foods, and was enjoying these so much that I had to snap a photo!

These boys love their wagon here!

Lincoln is addicted to this first step, and now the ones to follow! I figured he'd be okay on just that one step, but then... see that bruise on his forehead? Yup, he got that by falling off the first time he climbed up. No more stairs for you, Lincoln! I feel like the worst mom sometimes.

A couple outside shots by our house. This one is the view we have from our sliding door on our room (no deck, just a sliding glass door). I can't believe I live in a place that has palm trees! I've never lived somewhere before with them, so I'm LOVING them!

Here's a view of our front porch of our townhome (and Jack exploring):

We can hardly keep Jack indoors here. The weather has mostly been in the 70's since we got here. And they have a few ponds in our community that supposedly have fish in them, but we have yet to see any fish. You can do catch-and-release fishing, but I haven't seen anyone do that yet.

Here's a rare moment when Jack lets Lincoln near him. See what Lincoln is doing? No wonder Jack doesn't like him nearby!

Lincoln will use ANYTHING to help him stand up now!

I know you've seen all this furniture before, but here's our layout in the family room:

And a small view of the kitchen

And the next two are of our room

I love that I didn't have to photoshop this picture at all. I love this kid!

I love these ones too! (these were taken on our porch while having a picnic lunch out there today)

And here's just a little clip of Jack pulling Lincoln around in the wagon. We don't have a yard, but this green area right outside our front door is nice for Jack to play in.

We love Arizona and love the weather so far! We've met a lot of people in our ward here, and have been very warmly welcomed. We even had help getting a baby-sitter for last night so we could go to an adult's only BBQ. The food was SO good, and the weather has been absolutely beautiful. I know it won't last, so we're trying to enjoy it while we can.


Melissa Rees said...

So glad you are liking it!! Your place is adorable and it looks like the boys are loving it!

Cecily said...

Oh, what beautiful weather and a great view! It has snowed here a LOT since you left! I like the pictures of your house and thanks for the update.

Janaca said...

Your place looks really nice!! How fun to live somewhere with palm trees. I've always loved them too! Enjoy the weather while you can, soon you'll be inside cuz it's too hot!

Melinda said...

Sigh, you're in a place for like a week and it already looks WAY better than my house and I've been here for 3 YEARS! Sigh... It looks fantastic! Can't believe how big Jack and Lincoln are getting, hope Doug is liking the job!

Kateka said...

Holy cow, the weather there looks amazing. I am TOTALLY jealous. I need to come visit you ASAP.