Tuesday, May 25, 2010

This Is The Post That Never Ends

First Stop: Sea Life Aquarium
They had a grand opening for this Sea Life Aquarium located inside the Arizona Mills mall a couple weekends ago. We got a discount going sometime in May, so we decided to go that weekend.
Needless to say, we were in line longer than it took us to go through the whole exhibit! But Jack did enjoy it once we were inside.

Touching the starfish

Lincoln chilling in the stroller

Lincoln decided he needed to get out and experience a few things, too

"This stuff is awesome!"

Lincoln was tuckered out by the time we got back in the car.

Lincoln's first Oreo

Second Stop: Joe's Farm Grill
We have a co-op group here on Saturday nights. We take turns watching each other's kids while the other couples go out for a few hours without them. We dropped Jack off and decided to take Lincoln with us to a place called Joe's Farm Grill. It was very delicious, and I think Lincoln appreciated some one-on-one time with mommy and daddy.

My new haircut... ugh. See all those bangs? I didn't cut any of them! That's all hair growing back from after I had Lincoln.

Sunday Morning: Breakfast
Lincoln likes to sit up on daddy's lap now during breakfast. Jack thought he'd enjoy it too, and look what happened:

I forgot to mention last week that Jack made me the cutest Mother's Day present ever! His nursery teachers at church helped him make this card, and it said, "Happy mother's Day!" inside, with a tracing of his hand (which he loves to do.) I will keep it forever!

This sunset was so pretty. I rarely see this many clouds in the sky here.

Tuesday Morning: Pick up Grammy from the Airport
My mom (a.k.a. "grammy") came out to spend a week with us last Tuesday, and left this morning. On the way home from the airport, Lincoln cried and screamed about the last 3/4 of the way. My mom thinks it was because of her sunglasses, and that he didn't recognize her. I felt bad for her. But it took less than a day before he was crawling up to her legs, wanting to be held.
Jack thought he would try on grammy's shoes!

Look at that bonding!

My mom saved a bunch of quarters in a pill bottle for Jack (which is something my grandma used to do for me) and said he could use it on all the rides at the mall I was telling her about. Here he is on the carousel.

Lincoln's first ride on a carousel

Look at all that drool! I think he likes it.

He let Lincoln try one of the rides with him.

I didn't get pictures of us going to the nearby Chandler pool that had some slides and a lazy river. Neither of the boys liked it much, so we didn't stay long. I was surprised!

Jack grabbed one of his books and decided to copy my mom for a few minutes. It was pretty funny!

"Take a picture of me, mom!"

Jack pulled Doug up onto the couch to read, too. Apparently, everyone needed to take a minute to read.

Here's my mom and the boys right before we took her to the airport this morning. She bought them those matching outfits while she was here. She spoiled us all! I wish my dad could've been here to enjoy the fun times. Hopefully next time, dad!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Father's & Sons Campout and Haircuts

I heard this noise the other day, and I couldn't understand what it was. Here it is caught on tape.

Seriously... is it normal to be this warm when you sleep? Poor kid! His hair was soaking wet.
Our ward at church had their annual father and son's campout. Doug took Jack this year, and he said Jack had lots of fun. I could totally tell the next day that he didn't get as much sleep as usual!

Rise and shine!!

We have a little thing with drawers we bought at IKEA awhile back that we put their coloring books, crayons, play-doh, swim stuff, etc. in. Here's the big middle drawer with all the swim stuff. Jack got it out the other day and was wearing it on his head. He dragged it up to this step and got inside. Lincoln thought it was hilarious!

I got some angel food cake for part of my Mother's Day dessert. We had it a couple days later and Jack could NOT get enough strawberries or whipped cream. Lincoln missed out because it was past his bedtime.

Christy, where are you when we need you? We moved away from our awesome friend who does all our hair. Now Doug's taking a stab at doing the boys' hair now. Here he is doing Jack's hair...

And here is Lincoln's first haircut. He didn't cooperate too well...
But that's okay because he really didn't have much to take off yet, anyway.

And do you remember when Jack was deathly afraid of his Ball Popper? He was pretty much until Lincoln started enjoying it. Can you tell that Lincoln loves it?

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

If You're Happy and You Know It...

Clap your hands!

Lincoln likes to clap his hands with one hand open and one hand closed. Funny boy!

We got Lincoln a forward facing car seat last week, and I found a pretty good deal on one, too! I think he likes it...

Here he is with his famous camera pose.
Here's Jack blowing the propeller on his plane.
We found some swords at the dollar spot at Target, and here's daddy and Lincoln messing around with them.
They have the sweetest mall here called the Arizona Mills mall. It is HUGE, and is right by Doug's work. It's got a ton of great outlets inside (Osh Kosh, Children's Place, JC Penney, Sears, Crocs, Nike, Charlotte Russe, etc.) and then a bunch of awesome stores, too. They also have a restaurant called Rainforest Cafe that we decided to meet Doug at for lunch. Jack could barely eat his lunch, he was so excited about everything they had there. They had these elephants in there that moved and made noise. I'm not sure why Jack wouldn't take his hands off his ears in this picture, but he wouldn't do it.

And when Doug called on his dinner break at work, I turned around to see that Lincoln had taken everything out of this cupboard and climbed inside it. Here he is in action, dropping the cashews behind him.
And a few more Lincoln videos that I thought were too funny. This one is of Lincoln figuring out a duck call.

And of Lincoln having a GREAT conversation with Buzz Lightyear. I thought it was so funny that he would push the button to let Buzz talk, then mumble something, then have Buzz talk again.