Friday, May 14, 2010

Father's & Sons Campout and Haircuts

I heard this noise the other day, and I couldn't understand what it was. Here it is caught on tape.

Seriously... is it normal to be this warm when you sleep? Poor kid! His hair was soaking wet.
Our ward at church had their annual father and son's campout. Doug took Jack this year, and he said Jack had lots of fun. I could totally tell the next day that he didn't get as much sleep as usual!

Rise and shine!!

We have a little thing with drawers we bought at IKEA awhile back that we put their coloring books, crayons, play-doh, swim stuff, etc. in. Here's the big middle drawer with all the swim stuff. Jack got it out the other day and was wearing it on his head. He dragged it up to this step and got inside. Lincoln thought it was hilarious!

I got some angel food cake for part of my Mother's Day dessert. We had it a couple days later and Jack could NOT get enough strawberries or whipped cream. Lincoln missed out because it was past his bedtime.

Christy, where are you when we need you? We moved away from our awesome friend who does all our hair. Now Doug's taking a stab at doing the boys' hair now. Here he is doing Jack's hair...

And here is Lincoln's first haircut. He didn't cooperate too well...
But that's okay because he really didn't have much to take off yet, anyway.

And do you remember when Jack was deathly afraid of his Ball Popper? He was pretty much until Lincoln started enjoying it. Can you tell that Lincoln loves it?


Melissa Rees said...

deacon gets sweaty too when he sleeps! It's so gross! I love that picture of Jack in the tent. So cute!

The Bluths said...

Logan and Ethan are on the father/son camp out right now. I can't get your first video to work, but we have that same ball popper thing for Gavin, very cute!

Eliza Brock said...

siblings always have to like the things their other siblings like, otherwise it is no fun to fight over. :-) Cute videos!

Cann Family said...

I love the mysterious noise that was really Lincoln!! So funny and cute that he does that. Jack so reminds me of Jordan being all sweaty and nasty when he sleeps...Jordan's room always smells wonderful too! I need to cut Jackson's hair but have no desire to do so since I know it will be very difficult. I love seeing what you guys have been up to, father and sons are so fun!

Kateka said...

I love the videos you post. You (and your boys, and your blog) are so funny.