Sunday, June 27, 2010

Pictures of my Boys... Would You Expect Anything Different?

Jack has become quite the photographer lately! Here are some of his own pics! We thought he got pretty clever.

Lincoln was being such a funny kid the other day! Here he is in the middle of a laugh.

He got into the toilet paper right after that...

And then wanted to see how it tastes

Here's my cute Jack right before I woke him up from naps

I had to cut this one off, but he was running around after baths with just this helmet on

We used some of Lincoln's birthday money to get a new tub toy. It just came a couple days ago. Here is Doug helping him open it.

Jack wanted a picture of him taken right after that

Sweet toy! Both boys have really enjoyed it so far.
In other news, we started potty training Jack this week. He has been doing awesome! We started Wednesday, and by Friday, he was telling us every time he had to go. And yes, that includes #2's! I'm really proud of him for catching on so quick.

We took Jack to see Toy Story 3 yesterday, and I was so surprised at how well he behaved for the whole movie! He even told us half-way through when he had to go "potty." We came home to find our baby-sitter passed out COLD on the couch! Lincoln had taken one of the doorstops off the wall, and the white rubber piece was off. I know he was over by it when he walked in, so I'm SO glad he didn't choke on it. I not only nudged her a couple times, but said "hello!" when we walked in, and said her name once or twice. When she finally came to, these were her excuses...
1. "I am SO tired!"
2. "I didn't get much sleep last night..."
and my favorite,
3. "I was meaning to set my alarm for just a couple minutes..."

WOW! I was in so much shock, I didn't know what to say to her. I did pay her (probably shouldn't have) and talked to her mom about it when I dropped her off. I have a curse of balling when I get frustrated, so I ended up crying when I was talking to her mom. I talked to her mom later on last night, and she said the sitter had been crying all day, and the parents felt just sick about what happened. I'm just glad that Lincoln is ok.

We're also starting swim lessons for him this week. He's a little TOO comfortable in the water, so hopefully these will help him out. Wish him luck!

Friday, June 18, 2010

New(-ish) Car!!

This is a very overdue post, but I've just never taken any pics of our new car still.

Sadly, our Montero Sport was going downhill. And fast. We have loved that car ever since we bought it when we first got married. It has been very good to us, until recently (and when I say recently, I mean about a month ago.) Here it is on Doug and Jack's camping trip in May. Goodbye Monty, we'll miss you!

Say hello to the latest addition to our family: Our 2004 Ford Expedition!

These are some of the pics from Carmax's website of our new baby. We are absolutely loving EVERYTHING about it! The only thing I'm sad about is that I can't dock my ipod to it directly. I'll just have to use one of those cheap radio transmitter things, I guess. Jack has enjoyed watching Toy Story 2 every time we go somewhere. It will be great for those long trips home in the winter. Hooray for new cars!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Gwen & Cassidy Came

We all had lots of fun when Gwen and Cassidy (and her little girl, Kingsley) came into town last weekend. Here were some pics.

Jack opening his loot

Thanks, grandma!

Grandma Nelson showing him how it works, and Cassidy feeding Kingsley

Lincoln opening some of his birthday presents


Spending time at the pool (it actually wasn't terribly hot while they were there, so we stayed in this "spa" where the water was a little warmer)

Cute little Kingsley in her floatie

We took like a dozen pics of this wagon one, but not one of them turned out where all three kids were looking at the camera! I liked Jack's and Lincoln's faces in this one.

Doug or Gwen (I'm not sure which) taught Jack how to be a mannequin. Here he is showing me what that looks like. He was making the funniest faces.

Gotta love this stuff at the food court!

Kingsley and Lincoln bonding

"Oh grandma, you have your camera out? Here, let me take a look at that..."

"Mom, take a picture of me!" Jack says. And then he makes this pose. He must be working on his sexy poses already...

Here's Lincoln stuffing his face with pasta.

And one of the tub pics actually turned out with all the kids looking my way. Woo hoo!
Thanks for coming, ladies! That was a lot of fun.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Summer Is Here

We have had many days in the triple-digits here already! Here's some stuff we've been doing to help stay cool.

Sleeping the day away

Relaxing after taking a dip in the brisk pool

Making funny faces at the camera, while doing the usual leg-pulling on mommy

Checking out a place in Mesa called Jeepers! I got a deal in an email where an all-day wristband was only $1 instead of the usual $5 it would have been for Jack. We invited his friend Olivia, and her mom Sheri, and they had lots of fun! Here's Jack first ride by himself (as in, without mommy) on their train.

Their little "spin cups." This one had the kids laughing out loud! Look at them holding on for dear life.

Jack and his "chick" on the motorcycle

They thought this rhino was pretty cool

And a little posing after lunch today. Jack kept asking to get his picture taken, and Lincoln will pose for anybody.

Gwen, Cassidy, and her baby Kingsley are all coming tomorrow morning. We're excited to see you guys!