Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Gwen & Cassidy Came

We all had lots of fun when Gwen and Cassidy (and her little girl, Kingsley) came into town last weekend. Here were some pics.

Jack opening his loot

Thanks, grandma!

Grandma Nelson showing him how it works, and Cassidy feeding Kingsley

Lincoln opening some of his birthday presents


Spending time at the pool (it actually wasn't terribly hot while they were there, so we stayed in this "spa" where the water was a little warmer)

Cute little Kingsley in her floatie

We took like a dozen pics of this wagon one, but not one of them turned out where all three kids were looking at the camera! I liked Jack's and Lincoln's faces in this one.

Doug or Gwen (I'm not sure which) taught Jack how to be a mannequin. Here he is showing me what that looks like. He was making the funniest faces.

Gotta love this stuff at the food court!

Kingsley and Lincoln bonding

"Oh grandma, you have your camera out? Here, let me take a look at that..."

"Mom, take a picture of me!" Jack says. And then he makes this pose. He must be working on his sexy poses already...

Here's Lincoln stuffing his face with pasta.

And one of the tub pics actually turned out with all the kids looking my way. Woo hoo!
Thanks for coming, ladies! That was a lot of fun.


Melissa Rees said...

Oh how fun!! Gwen looked like she was in heaven!

Gwen Nelson said...

I loved every minute of our visit thank you so much.I miss you all so much. Kiss my boys for me please.

Melinda said...

I am so jealous! Your life looks like so much fun! Wanna trade? You can come do my yardwork and clean my house and I'll hang out with your kids and go to the pool and such!

I'm glad you had a blast with your fam! Such cute little boys!!