Monday, July 26, 2010

July Fun

Lincoln was rolling around on the floor the other day. Too funny! First, we saw this:

And then, he whipped out the sexiest pose I've EVER seen him make!
Look out, ladies! He's definitely bringing sexy back!

Last Saturday, we ventured over to the Chandler Fashion Center mall where they have a train that goes around the first floor of the mall. It was a pretty long ride, so Jack certainly got his money's worth! Here they are before it took off.

Later that night, we stopped by the splash pad at the San Tan mall. It was SO hot! Doug and I had to make Jack splash us a few times to keep cool.

And once again, the many poses and faces of Jack when he says, "Mom, take a picture of me!"

And a quick pic of Doug and me before we left for Outback Steakhouse for his birthday dinner... just the two of us. His real birthday is tomorrow.

And lastly, the funny Lincoln falling asleep while finishing up his Oreo cookie. I couldn't stop laughing!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Awesome Douglas

I totally forgot to mention this about Doug in my last post! Doug interviewed for a team lead position at his work, and he was one of the two people that got hired for it! SO proud of him!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Individual Updates

1. He's almost walking! He has been trying and practicing so hard.

2. He can say "ma-ma," "dad-dy," "pa-pa," and, on occasion, "No-no."
3. He has learned to fight back when brother attacks.
4. He eats more than his big brother.
and will steal his food. Hey, if you snooze, you lose.

5. He's a big smiler.
6. He will dance to any music he hears now... commercials, openings on cartoons, etc.
7. He's a big mess maker.


1. He makes the funniest poses for the camera when he says, "Take a picture of ME!"

2. He has the funniest sayings these days!
a. "What's going on here?!"
b. "Jack had BIG poopy, mom! Like daddy does!"
c. "What's THAT noise?" "Oooooohhhhh." "What's THAT noise?"
d. "Chase me!"
e. "I miss daddy..."
3. He has really been into Dora lately. That's all he wants to watch!
4. His favorite phrase is, "NO!"
5. He's getting great at puzzles! He works on the same 9-piece and 12-piece ones all the time.
6. He's a great host when friends come over to play. He's very eager to show off all of his toys.
7. He's starting to sing the songs he knows.
8. Still hasn't had any accidents since potty training!

1. He started school last week, and has 100% in his class so far!
2. He spends every minute he can with the fam, when he's not away for 12 hours out of the day.
3. He is chosen EVERY night by Jack to read him stories and put him to bed.
4. He gets a 1-2 minute hug from Lincoln when he comes home from work.

1. I need to work out! I know you all feel me when I say that my easy-to-maintain high school figure is exiting the building, and my clothes don't fit the same way they used to. Anyone know of a fun video?
2. I still love being a stay-at-home mom, even though it's a lot more challenging most days than I bargained for.
3. Thanks to my friend Cecily, I've developed a passion for family history, and have been working on that in my (almost non-existent) spare time.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

She's In Love With A Boy (...Or Three)

Lincoln is not known to hold still. In fact, that's one thing he doesn't know how to do unless he's eating or sound asleep. We couldn't get his pajamas on him the other night after baths because he was too wiggly. So we put them on his head to see what he'd do. He was a good sport about it.

Jack is just so handy around the house! He has loved these yellow construction hats I have from his 1st birthday. Once I told them they were for people that used tools, he was all about the hat and tools.

I found some Nemo goggles at the Dollar Tree for Jack since we're in the water often. He has enjoyed his week and a half of swimming lessons so far, and will be done on Thursday. I have also enjoyed the one-on-one time I've had with him in his class.

Our ward had a "4th of July" pancake breakfast on the morning of the 3rd, and had a little parade afterward in the church parking lot. Here's our wagon all decked out with Jack and his friend Livie in it. I love the expression on Doug's face in this picture. He looks like he's posing for the paparazzi.

We spent our 4th of July making some homemade popcorn and watching a movie together until bedtime. With our kids being so young and having a bedtime hours before the fireworks go off, it makes it difficult to go out after dark. But we did see some from our bedroom window and enjoyed what we saw of those.

Lincoln thought the popcorn popper was pretty awesome.

Doug had Monday off, so we decided to check out the Bass Pro Shops here. It was very similar to Cabela's, except it had a huge selection of boats and 4-wheelers. I thought the fish displays were cooler at Cabela's, though.

Doug had to go back to work today, which was a bummer. I tried to get the kids involved in something in our room so I could get ready for the day, and Jack wanted to try on Doug's boots. It was pretty cute. Lincoln just wanted to play with them.

These videos all crack me up! The first is of Jack twirling teddy bears around in the air and hitting Lincoln with them. Lincoln thought it was absolutely hilarious!

Jack taught Lincoln how to dance!

Daddy is hilarious before naptime

Jack is still learning to count to ten... in order.

P.S. Notice the hot Incredibles underwear? Jack is potty trained now! It took him less than a week. I'm so proud of him and am stoked about only one kid in diapers again.