Thursday, July 15, 2010

Individual Updates

1. He's almost walking! He has been trying and practicing so hard.

2. He can say "ma-ma," "dad-dy," "pa-pa," and, on occasion, "No-no."
3. He has learned to fight back when brother attacks.
4. He eats more than his big brother.
and will steal his food. Hey, if you snooze, you lose.

5. He's a big smiler.
6. He will dance to any music he hears now... commercials, openings on cartoons, etc.
7. He's a big mess maker.


1. He makes the funniest poses for the camera when he says, "Take a picture of ME!"

2. He has the funniest sayings these days!
a. "What's going on here?!"
b. "Jack had BIG poopy, mom! Like daddy does!"
c. "What's THAT noise?" "Oooooohhhhh." "What's THAT noise?"
d. "Chase me!"
e. "I miss daddy..."
3. He has really been into Dora lately. That's all he wants to watch!
4. His favorite phrase is, "NO!"
5. He's getting great at puzzles! He works on the same 9-piece and 12-piece ones all the time.
6. He's a great host when friends come over to play. He's very eager to show off all of his toys.
7. He's starting to sing the songs he knows.
8. Still hasn't had any accidents since potty training!

1. He started school last week, and has 100% in his class so far!
2. He spends every minute he can with the fam, when he's not away for 12 hours out of the day.
3. He is chosen EVERY night by Jack to read him stories and put him to bed.
4. He gets a 1-2 minute hug from Lincoln when he comes home from work.

1. I need to work out! I know you all feel me when I say that my easy-to-maintain high school figure is exiting the building, and my clothes don't fit the same way they used to. Anyone know of a fun video?
2. I still love being a stay-at-home mom, even though it's a lot more challenging most days than I bargained for.
3. Thanks to my friend Cecily, I've developed a passion for family history, and have been working on that in my (almost non-existent) spare time.


The Monahan's said...

I know, I keep wondering am I really old enough for it to be this difficult to lose weight? Grrr...

Eliza Brock said...

I love reading your updates. They are so fun. I REALLY need to get back into my blog. Add it to the list. Love you!

Melissa Rees said...

Ya my high school clothes stopped fitting a LONG time ago!! Having two monsters at home is way more challenging than just one. I don't know when to have #3! I want to wait but then I feel bad that they'll be younger that the other boys. Such a dilema!!

Maria said...

Holy cow, I'm the same way about the weight thing. I actually have to watch what I eat now, which is totally unfair.

Do you get FitTV? I love Total Body Sculpt with Gilad. There are 30 min and 1 hour shows. He does the best lunges and squats for my butt. The only bad thing is you have fast-forward through the commercials. Still worth it though!

Melinda said...

Okay, this post made me miss you so much!! Your boys are so cute and your comments never fail to make me laugh... :( I'm glad everyone is doing so well though! And the fact that you maintained your high school wait AT ALL, makes me want to hate you... but I just can't! There's an old work out video called "The Firm" that I've used but the problem is that it literally kicks your trash! I mean REALLY bad, like you can't walk for about a day... but it really works.

Cecily said...

Fun post! Beckett totally loved the video of Lincoln walking with the chair. He had to see it again, lol!

Amber said...

Yay for the updates! I love the pic of Linc stealing food from Jack! So awesome! I can't believe they are growing up so fast :) I wish little boys could stay that way forever. I'm still cracking up about what Jack says...what a funny kid! Love you guys!