Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Colorado Trip 2010

Here's just a quick pic of Lincoln a couple days before we left. Look at that nose a-runnin'!
Here we are in Colorado! Lincoln took a big gash to the forehead at the airport before we got on his first plane ride. Our flight was overbooked, so he sat on my lap, and Jack sat next to me. Luckily, Doug was able to help us through security! Thank goodness for that. Jack was great on the flight, watching Dora almost the entire time. Lincoln was a lot more difficult. He wanted down and he wanted to walk! We made it to Colorado and grammy met us first thing once we got off the train. Jack loved the little train ride at the Denver airport from the terminal to baggage claim.

We went to Water World the second day we were there, but I didn't get any pictures. It was so busy that we only rode like 3 rides, and were there for 6 hours! But there were plenty of chances to get wet still. There was one lady the actually passed out right in front of us while we were sitting down, eating lunch. I had to run to see if we could get a medic over to where we were. Crazy! I think they diagnosed it as dehydration, even though it was only 11:30 and they had just arrived at the water park.

Here we are a couple days in on the trampoline. Jack of course loved it, but Lincoln took a little getting used to.

This was my horse when I was little. Its name was Cheyenne (no idea why.) Here's Jack on it, rockin' out.

Lincoln's just chillin' on the patio.

Grammy had to tell them repeatedly to stay away from Mason's dog, Timber. We were afraid they'd pull hair or he would nip at them. But he's such a friendly dog. Jack loved him to pieces.

Lincoln warmed up to everyone fast. The first day, whenever someone new spoke to him, he would just lower his head to his chest and stay looking down. So funny! And when he was eating, if someone new came up to him, he would just close his eyes, as if thinking to himself that if he couldn't see them, they would go away.

The typical pose of Jack drinking from a sippy cup: one hand on the cup, the other playing with his ear.

We spent a Saturday lunch at Casa Bonita in Denver, meeting my awesome cousins Jessica and Laura and their kids. I haven't seen them in YEARS. Here's my brother Ethan and his boy Isis, my brother Mason, and then Jack, me, and Lincoln outside in front.

Isis and Jack couldn't resist the water fountain.

Jack, Cody, Alex and Olivia (Eliza's kids) watching the show where someone dives off the cliff, into the water. The food sucked and was way overpriced, but the entertainment usually makes it all worth it. There's also a cave inside you walk through that's fun for the kids. I wish we could've stayed longer to visit, but with so many kids, it was just too crazy.

Papa and Lincoln bonding some more

Papa broke out some fireworks one night. Jack thought they were awesome, but Lincoln was pretty scared.

Here's Ethan's little girl, Aven. His poor baby has had a lot of medical problems because she was born so early, but she's a trooper!

Lincoln, my dad, my grandma, my aunt Kathy, and Jack. My grandma Mondy is getting ready to move to California with another aunt, so I probably won't see her again.

Heather's baby, Brea. Look at those chubby cheeks!

Just had to take a pic of a sign with my hometown's name on it. For those of you not from there, it's just Loveland, CO. The Centerra is the huge shopping center that's fairly recent to the area.

Here's papa and Jack after mowing the lawn

Jack loved reading this book with my dad! It was called, "What are you so grumpy about?" There's a page early on in the book where it says that if you stick your bottom lip out for too long, a little birdie will come and sit on it. He kept sticking out his bottom lip, waiting for a birdie to come.

Jack at Eliza's pool

Cody and Jack bonding over cookies. Jack really loved his cousin Cody!

"I bet I can have this cookie down me in 2 minutes! Yup, I did it."

Who knows what Lincoln's deal was with his aunt Eliza! Probably intimidation.

cutie niece Olivia

new jammies from grammy!

"This snake is awesome!"

Lincoln Nicholas with Nicholas Joseph

My mom was heading to my sister Amy's in California the same day we left, so she was able to help me through security on the way home. And our flight home had like 20 open seats, so we were able to let Lincoln have his own seat. Unfortunately, he didn't do any better in his own seat. He just wanted out!

Jack had to use the bathroom on the way home. I thought... this ought to be interesting. So I lugged Lincoln back there with us, only to find their lavatory barely big enough for Jack and me! One of the flight attendants was kind enough to entertain Lincoln while I helped out Jack. People on the flight home were less understanding of our situation, and more annoyed. Oh well! We made it home to daddy. Lincoln did his shy pose of lowering his head to his chest at first. But now they can't get enough of him.

Thanks family, for everything!


The Monahan's said...

Oh, my gosh. Flying can be horrible with kids, but I think I get the most nervous about going through security with the kids. I always pray that they fall asleep on the plane!

Looks like you had so much fun! Too bad our trips didn't line up at the same time. It would have been great to see ya again!

Casa Bonita, I think I need to take the girls next time we are there. Just for the fun and entertainment.

Melissa Rees said...

I love Jack tugging on his ear while drinking!! That is too cute! glad you got to visit your family :)

Kateka said...

I LOVE Water World. My Dad lived in Colorado for awhile and we went there when I was 17 (I think). Is it the same place with the "Toilet bowl" ride?

Ha, ha, ha. Cheyenne. What a perfect name for a horse.

Janelle said...

Your boys are too cute.

Eliza Brock said...

intimidation? I am intimidating? Ha! Love your boys they are so fun and cute. You're ok too I guess :-)

I love you!!