Sunday, August 01, 2010

Happy Birthday, Doug!

Doug was kind enough to share some of his birthday money with the boys and get them these cute Toy Story t-shirts. Too bad Lincoln didn't cooperate because that smile on Jack is awesome!

Doug had some "use it or lose it" time off by the end of the month, so he took his birthday off of work. We went to a swimming pool with the boys that had a slide. Unfortunately, all the big slides around here require that you be a certain height, and they don't let you take your child down in your lap. Jack was pretty bummed, but we still had a good time.

Here's the beautiful "baseball" cake I made for Doug. I let Doug pick the kind of cake he wanted (yellow cake and chocolate frosting,) and Jack picked the theme for the cake.

No birthday is complete without the party hats!

These were the first rain clouds I had seen since we moved here in March. We actually got rain this week: a first since April!

And here's one of the beautiful, colorful sunsets we can see from our room.

We went to the library on Friday for the first time. When Lincoln was playing around in the play area, he tripped and hit his eye on their window bench. He walked away with this shiner:

Then Jack tripped in the parking lot, and skinned his knees, his hands, and his forehead in one swoop. I'm sure everyone at the grocery store afterward thought that I beat my children. Who knew the library could be so dangerous? Here's Lincoln's eye today, a little less puffy.

And last, but not least, Lincoln is now walking!! You also get a glimpse of what a danger it is for him...


Melissa Rees said...

Oh poor kid!!! Deacon has been walking for almost a year and he STILL falls all the time!! happy birthday to Doug!!

Janaca said...

Nice job on the cake! Look delicious. Those are such cute Toy Story shirts!! Love them. So fun Lincoln is walking! Jackson still falls down lots. It's a dangerous skill to master! Sorry your boys had a rough day at the library!! My boys almost always have some bump or bruise somewhere. :)

Kateka said...

Oh, Lincoln's poor shiner!! That is so funny/sad. That sunset picture is GORGEOUS. Happy birthday, Doug!

Nicole said...

Happy Birthday to Doug! Looks like you guys are having a blast in AZ! Thanks for you sweet comment, friend. You are too kind!

Melinda said...

Happy birthday Dougy! Poor Lincoln! He looks like he lost a fist fight with Jack! Hope that goes away soon!