Sunday, September 12, 2010

Hanging Out

I got two packages delivered on Tuesday. How exciting! You'd think Jack and Lincoln have never seen boxes before. They were so entertained before we even opened them up!

I thought Jack looked so funny with his legs crossed, all snuggled up to his daddy!

We have been having some FABULOUS mornings here! The low has been in the 60's and 70's, so we've had to take advantage of going out right after breakfast a few times this week. I was even able to open our windows a morning of two! I can' wait until the high's are out of the 100's for the season.
You saw the little boy outside in his underwear this morning, too? Oh... he's mine. Yes, I let him show off his studly man-figure to the neighbors for a few minutes. He fell down and got his jammies all wet, and wanted to go back out and play this morning before I could run upstairs and get new ones.

Lookin' good, J.D.!

Lincoln LOVES being outside! He throws a fit every time we go back inside.

Here's Lincoln telling us the sound that a lion (and a tiger, and a bear, and a dinosaur) makes.

Individual Updates
Lincoln: Lincoln's rash from what I can only assume is roseola appeared this morning, so hopefully that goes away quickly (even though I know he's not itching.) He had a mystery fever a few days ago, and now the rash. At least he's in good spirits!

Jack: All he can talk about is his Halloween costume... a dinosaur! I ordered it yesterday, and he's so excited to wear it! He asked me a few times so far to see it on the computer.
I say, "It's coming in the mail!"
He says, "Now?"
I say, "No, sometime this week, probably."
Oh, he just doesn't listen.

He must be two.

Doug: Doug has stayed plenty busy with work and school! He passed his first class with an A-. Way to go, slick! He's now onto his second class. Already a week into it. Only 7 weeks left of this one!

Toni: I've had a horrible sinus headache since Friday afternoon. You know, one of those ones where your head is THROBBING every time you lean down or bend over? Ick. I also got my starter kit for Usborne this week, and am looking forward to hosting a party soon!


Maria said...

Jack looks cute in his under-roos!

Melissa Rees said...

Being sick sucks!! Deacon has what I assume are allergies because the runny nose and cough hasn't gone away for 3 weeks now!

The Monahan's said...

Abby had roseola when she younger. She had the mystery fever and she just seemed to be in pain. I'd set her on the floor and she wouldn't even move or crawl or anything. I've never seen her SO sick and in pain. Luckily, once the rash comes, it seems to get so much better.

That's funny about the dinosaur costume. He surely is 2! I haven't even thought about halloween yet.

Kateka said...

I see London, I see France....


Cute kiddos. I am sorry you aren't feeling well. Stu gets really bad sinus issues too and I can only imagine how horrid they are.