Tuesday, October 19, 2010

"I'm a Little Bit of Everything... All Rolled Into One!"

50 points to the first person that can name the song title and artist from the title of this post!

Last week, one of the girls in our ward invited everyone to Peter Piper's Pizza before they opened. They took the kids on a tour of the back, and then were able to make their own pizza. What was up with Jack, though? He really wasn't interested in anything until someone mentioned making pizza.

Here's where it started getting good

"Um, WHAT are we doing here again, mom?"

The kids also got tokens for their games, and Lincoln just wanted to spend his time sitting in this little school bus. No, not on the seat, but on the floor. Kids were getting annoyed.

On Saturday, we wanted to do something fun with the kids. We got tickets to go to Schnepf Farms, where they had a carousel, hay ride, a pumpkin patch, amusement park, petting zoo, all sorts of playgrounds, a kiddie maze, a grown-up maze, and I could go on.

I think my kids are trying to tell me something in this picture. But what is it?

This little road rally cart was SO much fun! Doug and I pedaled, and we went for a little ride through the trees you see behind us. We all enjoyed this one.

Lincoln's first carnival ride, unsupervised!

Jack got to go on his very first roller coaster! It was a good one, too!

He had SO much fun, that I had to take him on it for a second time.

Lincoln finally crashed for a little while after lunch. Look at those eyelashes! What a beautiful boy.

And Jack crashed not 5 minutes after we got in the car...

While Lincoln was wide awake...

And would NOT let this slushee go for the life of him! He had a death grip on that thing.

We decided to save a couple dollars (and our backs) and just get some pumpkins at the grocery store after Schnepf Farms. We carved them on Sunday after church, since we don't have time to do family nights on Monday's with Doug getting home at 6:30.

Here's a picture of pumpkin carving from last year. Jack looks so grown up compared to this one!

He really wanted me to take a picture of him doing this pose. What a nut!

And Lincoln would NOT give Doug kisses when requested after his naps.

We turned off the lights after the sun went down to show the boys. Lincoln held onto me tighter and tighter, the closer I got to the pumpkins. Jack thought it was pretty cool, though.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Cheesy Boys

Lincoln peeking through the stairs. He has mastered going up and down the stairs now!

We got lots and lots of rain one day last week! Jack loved it, and liked seeing the lightning and hearing the thunder... at first. He got a little scared when the thunder got louder. And so did Lincoln!

I didn't get any video of it, but we took a walk to where the street had flooded, and they played and played until they were dripping wet. Here's another video when they were outside when it was between storms.

Jack has taken a HUGE interest in the xbox lately. His favorite is Lego Star Wars. Lincoln just likes to THINK he's playing when we give him a controller.

We got this little plush koala for free when we went to the zoo. Lincoln is so funny with it! He'll hold it up to his face like this, and snuggle it for a few seconds whenever we give it to him.
Brotherly love
"I'm a model, you know what I mean?"
"And I do my little turn on the catwalk!"
"On the catwalk.. on the catwalk, yeah, I shake my little tush on the catwalk!"
We got these shoes for Jack at JC Penney. He needed some tennis shoes, and he wanted these Toy Story ones that light up. Thanks, grandma and grandpa Nelson!
Lincoln has taken a big interest in Baby Einstein. He will find one of the videos and bring them to me multiple times a day. I looked over while making dinner the other day, and found him like this, glued to the TV. Must be some good stuff!
Jack eating his dinosaur-shaped sandwich
Doug's and my 6-year anniversary was yesterday. He got me this card, and I thought it was HILARIOUS!
Here we are at My Big Fat Greek Restaurant, trying greek food for the first time. Their greek fries were AWESOME! Which do you think came first: the restaurant or the movie? They're both great!
Here's a quick video of Lincoln with the cradle when we got it all out and set up the other day.

Which reminds me of our big announcement...

We're going to have a sale on this cradle! It's actually my sister's, and she let us borrow it. We're running out of storage in this tiny place, and so I'm just trying to sell it. Let me know if you live nearby and are interested. We're looking to get $75.

And lastly, Lincoln already prefers to use a fork, where possible. It's so funny to us because Jack still won't use a fork. Now that we're excited about Lincoln using one, he seems to think it's a little cooler.