Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Halloween Pics

This is just a quick post of the kiddos in their Halloween costumes. Oh, and a random picture of a (double) rainbow we were able to witness about 2 weeks ago. SO pretty!

Jack was excited about being a T-Rex dinosaur. The tail was one of the cutest parts, so I'm not sure why I didn't get a shot of it.

Lincoln the skeleton!

We participated in a trunk or treat Saturday night, and then went around the neighborhood Sunday night. People were dumping their candy in our bags because there were so few trick-or-treaters. Not too many kids in our neighborhood. We only had one kid come by our house!


Melissa Rees said...

They are both so cute! I'm surprised by the lack of trick or treaters, but we never had any when we lived the too!

The Monahan's said...

Love the skeleton! Too cute! Did jack love trick-or-treating? Abby had such a blast.

Kateka said...

Oh I love both costumes. Love the little heart on the skeleton outfit. What cute boys!