Monday, November 22, 2010

Zoo and Eating

We went to the zoo a couple weeks ago with our friends Sheri, Livie, and Ellie. Here was the only picture I managed to get, of Livie and Jack on the foot massagers, right before we left. I'm sad to say that I'm not impressed with Phoenix's zoo.

Lincoln still enjoys his Oreo's... from the inside out. He knows where the good stuff is!

I had to get a quick dinner from McDonald's the other day after an Usborne home show (thanks, Sheri!) Lincoln was a monster and devoured his dinner!

And here was the result of Jack's dinner when he was done.

Lincoln also experienced Ketchup for one of the first times. At first, he didn't even want to try it. But as soon as he did, he was diving into the pile I squirted onto his wrapper. It's so funny how excited he got about each finger-licking bite!


Melissa Rees said...

What?! I loved the Phoenix zoo! Puts Hogle to shame. Deacon won't eat McDonalds either! Only the fries. I guess that means I should stop going there :)

Kateka said...

Ha, ha, ha. Oh Jack. I wish I could be more like a kid his age and stop eating. :)

Melissa Rees said...

Yes Toni we will be there on Christmas Eve!! I am checking out the books too and will let you know if I want any :)