Friday, December 31, 2010

Last Half of December

First off, here's Lincoln being hilarious (both to him and me) during bath time.

We had a CRAZY Christmas trip! We left on a Sunday, and stayed the night at the Excalibur in Las Vegas to break up the trip. Las Vegas is about half way, and is the route with the least amount of mountains to avoid snow. We left the sunshine of Gilbert and found the rain in Las Vegas!

We took Jack to the M&M store, thinking he'd like that.
Then we booked it to the Bellagio to show Lincoln and him the fountains. We got there just in time to see a show, and then they said they wouldn't do another one for a half hour. I'm sure glad we made it there just in time because it was cold out in the rain!
Lincoln preferred pushing his stroller some of the time.
The boys, Doug and I all slept better than we thought we would in the hotel room. The next day, we packed everything up and headed to Utah. We, of course, hit snow about half-way there. It never fails to snow on us during a Christmas road trip! Here are the boys the day after we got there, playing in the snow.
A picture of Kevin and Gwen's roof, to prove they really did get 17 inches!
Grandma Nelson and cousin Kingsley
Lincoln really took to his uncles, and was super shy with everyone else!

Kevin and Gwen took us all out to pizza. Jack got really tuckered out half way through dinner.
Here we are at the Thanksgiving Point dinosaur museum. This place is always a hit!
I was lucky enough to have a girl's night with my friends from Contacts! I had so much fun with them, and was still deep in conversation when Doug came to pick me up. I miss you girls SO much!!
My good friend, Christy, gave us all much needed haircuts! We were all so excited to see Kate and her. Ryan, sorry we missed you!
We had an ugly sweater party Christmas Eve at Doug's grandpa's house. Here are the McBride's sporting theirs!
And here are Doug and me sporting ours. Oh, and Buddy was there, too!
Here's Jack getting to sit on Santa's lap. He was very eager to see Santa!
A family pic with Santa
Giving Santa knucklesAfter Santa, I let them open their new jammies that say, "Big Brother," and, "Little Brother."

Here's Christmas morning. Lincoln got a little slide thing from Santa!
Jack got a remote control car
cute little Kingsley
Family pic at Cassidy's

Kevin showed us the tractor he's restoring. Jack and Lincoln got to take turns sitting on it. I was absolutely freezing my butt off at this point! Guess I'm used to Arizona now...
Reading a book with grandpa NelsonWe ended up leaving Monday night around 9, and not getting home until about 7:30. We decided that driving through the night would be best because both boys had colds. It turns out that neither one slept very well at all, which means nobody did. We left so late because Doug's aunt and uncle were staying overnight at our house in Arizona, and we didn't want to walk in super early to wake them all up. We were totally delirious by like 6:30, and were glad we all napped from about 11-3. I woke Jack and Doug up a little after 4 to make sure Jack still slept okay that night. Both boys still went to bed at the same time, and slept through the night. Thank goodness!

Here's Jack just being silly with my boots

And Jack is really into using things as whips (which we have since put an end to.) But here's one instance from yesterday that Lincoln found so funny!


Nicoolmama said...

Your boys are so cute, Toni!!

Love the whip video!! When I try to play the first video, it takes me to the pic of Jack in your boots...strange. :)

Happy New Year!

The Monahan's said...

Sounds like you guys had fun.
Love your ugly sweaters! I can't believe you drove all night! Hope you enjoyed the snow. Admit it, you miss it, right? I think I'd miss the snow, but the freezing temps I could totally do with out.

Kristy E.B. said...

Lots of great pictures of your trip. Looks like lots of fun, but I bet no fun to travel in all of that snow!

Melissa Rees said...

So glad you had a good trip! Wish we could have talked more :(

Kateka said...

Holy cow! You had such a busy holiday season, I am surprised you were able to squeeze away for a bit! Can you believe that was already nearly 2 weeks ago? Sheesh. Time flies. I miss you already! It was so amazing to see you and the other chicks. I'd love to come to AZ sometime and see your place! PS. I LOOOOVE your ugly sweater pics. Hilarious.

Melinda said...

Man, you guys were crazy busy! It was wonderful to see you too! I cannot believe how big Jack is! Looks like you had fun with family while you were here! I was laughing out loud when I heard Lincoln laughing in the background of the last video. I remember when Jack started to laugh like that! SO CUTE!